Eau Thermale Avène Bright Intense for sensitive Asian skin

Avene was one of the skin friendly brand that I've tried for sensitive or problematic skin. And recently they just came out with a range of skincare products specially formulated for Asian sensitive skin that will helps to corrects skin dullness, yellowness accumulated through aggressions in our urban lifestyle for a brighter and natural radiant skin.

Avene Bright Intense  is a new generation of brightening skincare products to brighten and even out Asian sensitive skin.

Specifically formulated and tested on Asian sensitive skin, Bright Intense targets hyperpigmentation disorders and blocks protein carbonylation to revive your luminous complexion. Its key ingredient, the innovative C-Pearl complex is formulated with three ingredients, each targeting an essential quality for healthy, luminous skin.

The Akoya Pearl is derived from Japan, a natural ode to beautiful and radiant skin, its extract acts on the origin of dull complexion. Thanks to its strong inhibitory effect on carbonylation, the Akoya Pearl extract makes skin transparent again. 

Vitamin C acts on color by reducing melanin production, while Wakamine extract works to hydrate and smooth skin texture so light is better reflected. 

Lastly, thanks to Avène Thermal Spring Water, it soothes and softens sensitive skin. 

Thanks to this unique formula of C-Pearl complex combined with the anti-pollution shield formula, the result is a more even skin tone that looks luminous and beautifully soft in just 7 days

Avene Bright Intense Active+ consists of 3 products
  • Cream foaming cleanser
  • Brightening essence
  • Brightening emulsion
Avene Bright Intense Active+ Cream foaming cleanser
Price : S$49.90 (125ml)
Cleanse gently without dying out skin
Eliminates impurities caused by pollution and excess sebum

Avene Bright Intense Active+ Brightening Essence
Price : S$99.90 (30ml)
Concentrated in active ingredients that will acts effectively on dark spot
Restores skin luminosity, even and tones for an even-looking radiant complexion

Avene Bright Intense Active+ Brightening emulsion
Price : S$89.90 (40ml)
Even out complexion
24Hr hydration

Eau Thermale Avène products are available at Watsons, Guardian, Unity and National Skin Center.

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