Innisfree all-new 2018 Green Tea Line

This month, innisfree launches their all-new 2018 Green Tea Line, refreshing one of its best skincare lines that has been loved for a long time by customers around the world. The highly anticipated 2018 Renewed Green Tea Line features an extensive range of moisturising products formulated with 100% extracts from a new green tea variety called the ‘Beauty Green Tea’.

To celebrate the launch of the all-new Green Tea Line, innisfree going to have the New Hydration station Pop-up store at Bugus Junction.

From 11th to 15th April 2018, you are invited to experience a new world of hydration through fun and interactive activities at the hydration kiosk to replenish your skin's moisture.

Received a box of innisfree products to try it out~

innisfree 3-minute green tea skin pack
A 3-in-1 mask to soothing, hydrate and brighten the skin

This.... I'm a little confuse, what this tweezer for?

innisfree green tea sleeping mask

innisfree green tea seed deep cream

innisfree green tea seed essence-in-lotion

innisfree green tea morning cleanser

All the products above look really good~ can't wait to try them out myself!

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