Mini review on Dr Mind AC Peeling Pad

Even though I have dry sensitive skin, I do experience break-out every now and then.. pimples pop up more often then I like it to be but on the bright side..... it does heal/fade off easily.

I'm using rosehip seed oil as my main skincare product (because this oil is amazing). I can skip and changed serum/moisturiser products easily BUT I can never stop using rosehip seeds oil. Sometimes when I have a big and painful pimple, I like to try using some products to ease the pain together with the help of rosehip seeds oil.

I might not be able to use everything I got here on my face.... BUT I totally enjoy using the AC peeling pad on my body (especially on my elbow)!

Dr Mind AC Peeling Pad

I have eczema on my elbow when I was a little kid... and from time to time, my elbow will feel really itchy (eczema acting up) and because of years of scratching, resulting in discoloration and pigmentation, my elbow look really dark (it look way darker on my pale skin... the contrast is HUGE!)

I use coconut oil/sweet almond oil/rosehip and lotion... it never help much in lightening the pigmentation.... BUT I do find that the roughness and discoloration kinda look softer after using the AC peeling Pad once every two days(It's does help but very slowly....)

The peeling pad doesn't feel too strong nor irritate the skin around my hand/arm....

I did stop using the AC peeling pad for a few weeks... so now after a small episode of eczema flare up... I need some intense moisturizing and skin lightening... I will be reaching for Dr MIND AC peeling pad to helps lightening the pigmentation!

Oh, I find that coconut balm works the best at softening the rough skin on my elbow!!!

Dr Mind AC Clear Cushion

Dr Mind Apot red mask

Thanks for reading....
Will update more after trying out the cushion :)