NOREL® Dr Wilsz High Performance Cocktail Treatment Facial at Annabelle Skin

It's been a long while since I went for any facial treatment... if you have been following my blog you will know that I have problematics skin (sensitive, eczema and get irritated easily) and I don't really enjoy facial because some facial salon always use their standard set of treatments.

I have been to Annabelle before and I find that their boss and their facial therapists understand different type of skin conditions and their products very well. They will try to use different individual products that my skin need rather then using their "standard" treatment products for different treatments. (Like; sensitive treatment for sensitive skin, Oily skin treatment for oily skin and ects... Annabelle will pick products that YOUR skin need rather then sticking to the "standard" treatment).

Anyway... so when they invited me back for Norel High Performance Cocktail Treatment and after reading about Norel... I decided to give it a try. I want healthy skin and less sensitive issue.

Annabelle Salon front~

The first thing after checking in.... fill in a form about myself and my skin issues before doing a skin scan~

I was so busy asking questions about my skin...
I didn't take much pics..

I have dry skin, sensitive and get irritated very easily... like out of nowhere I can feel itchy and then start to have tiny bumps (usually under my eyes/on my cheek bone~), redness... and I have very tight, itchy and painful flakey skin once every few weeks (it can happened even when I do nothing new.. no change of diet, skincare or anything~)

After the scan... the therapist told me that my dead skin doesn't fall off by themselves and new one pop out resulting in thick dry flakey skin (OMGOSH... that was the reason for my dry patchy itchy flakey skin!!!!) ... So I asked a lot of questions on how to solve the issue and she told me that I need strengthen my skin so that the dead skin will fall off by themselves.

Cannot do harsh exfoliation or fruit peel (because of my eczema condition.. water base will make my skin itchy.. I NEED oils. No wonder I love using oil so much or cream contains a lot of oils... they just make my skin feel nicer~)... try to use more oil base products. (I have no issue with this because I have been using pure oils in my skincare routines... no wonder my skin feel more and more healthy and nicer)

Based on her treatment... I start to pay more attention and focus on feeding my skin with products that will help to strengthen my skin (After about a month from the facial session.... I can feel that my skin is getting better!!! On the way to healthy skin... not much itchy skin, redness... though skin still feel dry, BUT not as flakey and tight as compare to before!) 

I do have acne issue... 

Other then the above mentioned issues... I have pretty good skin~

That's how each treatment room look like...
cozy and neat~

Silly me... took a "before" pic under the sun....

I will be trying out the Norel High Performance Cocktail Treatment Facial with Polish healing mud using Norel cocktails that cater to what my skin needed the most~

Will be using these (below) products on my face~

1 : Cleansing/toning
- Remove sunscreen/makeup with Emulsion Face and eye makeuo remover
- Cleanse skin with sensitive soothing milk
- Soak a cotton pad with sensitive soothing tonic and double cleanse my face and neck 

This feel nice and didn't cause any burning sensation~

2 : Enzymatic Peeling
(Bromelain & Papain enzymes)

Apply a generously amount on my face and neck - leave on for 10 mins and follow with extraction on of blemishes that I have on my chin.
(enzymes has keratolytic activity to break down he bonds between cells in the horny layer, leaving the skin smooth and lighter)

This feels quite cooling on the skin, does feel a little bit of tingling~

3. Masking
Using Acne Peat Mud Mask
(Polish Peat Mud and white clay)

Apply the warm peat mud mask on a gauze moistened with water for 10 mins
(open skin pores, detoxifies and de-stress)

Because of my sensitive skin... they let the mask cool down before applying all over my face.
The mask did cause any burning sensation... it does feel sting a little, but it goes away quite fast. 

After removing the mud mask... it's cocktails time!

4. Cocktails (Target treatment)
Using Norel Cocktail for acne skin
With Birch and willow bark extract

Refines enlarged pores and lightens post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation..
apply on affected area (on my check and chin)

5. Eye massage
Using Antistress soothing and moisturizing eye emulsion
(White tea, vitamin C, aralia, licorice)

Apply a generously amount around eye area and lightly massage for about 10 mins
(This will keeps the delicate skin around eye area firm and elastic, eliminates irritations and signs of fatigue)

This eye cream feels nice on my skin... no burning or stinging sensation at all~

7. Intensive care
-  Norel Cocktail for Couperose skin with vitamin c and rutin
-  Norel Cocktail for Rosacea skin with vitamin c and rutin

Apply Cocktail for couperose skin (suppress inflammation, reduces erythema, teleangiectasia and swelling) on sensitive skin areas to reduce the appearance of blood capillaries, and to protect the skin from photo-ageing and free radicals

Follow by applying cocktail for Rosaces skin (reduces permeability of vascular walls, promotes suppression of inflammation) on face and neck, massage till absorption.

Both cocktails feel really nice and soothing on the skin~

8. Cream Mask
Sensitive soothing & illuminating mask

Apply on face and neck geneiously to reduce redness and appearance of capilary, moistures the skin and improve the skin hydrolipid barrier.

This mask burns on the skin under my eyes (around the cheek bone area)... so the therapist remove some of the mask and leave a very thin layer (once she remove the thick layer.. my skin calm down and I relax~)

Perform lymphatic drainage massage to strengthen lymphatic flow and immune system
Re-apply Sensitive Soothing & Illuminating Mask (Same... it burns... lolx... and thin layer doesn't burn much~) Burn on drier area of my skin (this is normal... when your skin is dry and flakey... some mask/moisturizer/cream will have burning sensation....)

9 . Peel off Mask
Using Peel off Algae Mask

Alginate Peel Off Mask to increase hydation, firming and cools down the skin after all the treatment above.

This peel off mask doesn't sting (no burning sensation) and I feel so relax in the mask....

Didn't managed to take a pic of it.. cos they covered my eyes and I cannot see clearly~ (lolx)
(Below) here's the mask after they peel it off my face~

10 : Finishing care with hyaluronic acid~
Using Norel Moisturizing cocktail with hyaluronic acid and trehalose

Apply Moisturizing Cocktail (to eliminates skin roughness and dryness, prevents moisture loss and skin irritations and reduces superficial wrinkles) and Hyaluron Plus Hyaluronic Cream (Ensures proper skin tone and elasticity & creates a delicate protective film) for finishing care.

  • The whole treatment feel really soothing and nice (just a minor burning sensation using the cream mask.. but once they remove it.. skin feel nice).
  • My skin feel so fresh and hydrated... no redness, skin look fresh, even and moist!
  • The dry patches on my cheek bone feel softer and not flakey...
  • Overall skin feel nice and doesn't feel itchy even after a few days.

They gave me a box of 7 pipette bottles of Norel Cocktails... you can mix around different cocktails for different skin issue and needs.

I love mixing cocktails for Rosacea skin and moisturizing Cocktails/ Cocktail for couperose skin with moisturizing or wrinkle correction cocktails.

All these combination works and feels nice on my skin.. and I can see skin improvement on the dryness and flakey skin issue. My skin doesn't feel itchy or get red easily.

 Norel Dr Wilsz The Seven Wonders Cocktail Serums that have been specially designed and concocted to target different skin types.

The Seven Wonders Cocktail Serums


A pic with my therapist who pay close attention on my skin
and always asking whether the products sting my skin~

The History of Norel Dr Wilsz

Norel Dr Wilsz established in 1961 by pharmacists under cosmetics laboratory, is one of the oldest and most reputable cosmetic companies in Poland and Central Europe.

Cosmetics Laboratory under the helm of its founder, Anna Makowska, had it humble beginnings in producing and supplying facial creams to pharmacies across Poland. Its signature facial cream saw lines forming outside pharmacies as women scrambled to get their hands on the holy grail of skincare. In 1982, due to her age and health issues, founder Makowska proposed the handover of Cosmetics Laboratory to expert and biologist Dr Jrystyna Wilsz, whom she valued for her great passion and kowledge in the field of cosmeceutical research and development.

Dr Wilsz renamed the company to NOREL Dr Wilsz Cosmetics Laboratory and continued the good work of Makowska, developing the brand by introducing new innovation to its original formulations. Today, NOREL Dr Wilsz Cosmetics Laboratory largely focuses on naturally-derived skincare and cosmetics by incorporating advanced skincare technology in its development.

To date, the brand has received multiple awards and recognitions in the world of professional cosmetics and has plas to expand its brand footprint internationally to over 30 counties by the end of 2017.

About NOREL Dr Wilsz Cosmetics Laboratory

Founded in 1961 by pharmacists, NOREL Dr Wilsz Cosmetics Laboratory originates from Poland and is one of the oldest cosmetics companies in Poland and Central Europe. Having 50 years of experience in professional beauty care, the brand currently offers over 19 lines of skin care and six body care ranges.

NOREL Dr Wilsz Cosmetics Laboratory products are best known for their refined compositions, efficacy and highest skin tolerance with no allergic reactions. Offering an extensive range of skin and body care products and treatments to cater to various skin types and needs, the brand promises effectiveness and quality by always utilising a high level of active ingredients. Free of parabens, mineral oils and chemical preservatives, and aside from using Polish active ingredients in their formulation, a key feature of NOREL’s products lies is its composition of 95% natural ingredients to help the skin stimulate its natural processes and stay healthy in the long-term.

All products are safety-certified and every ingredient in their recipes are carefully selected with optimal concentration. NOREL Dr Wilsz Cosmetics Laboratory continues to set trends and create cosmetics through intensive research under the supervision of Dr. Krystyna Wilsz, creator and founder of the company, to maintain the brand’s high production standards.

NOREL® Dr Wilsz High Performance Cocktail Treatment - S$178

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