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I am a fan of facial oils and I'm quite open to try any if they can make my weak and dry skin feeling nice, soft and soothing. YES, when using the right oil for your skin type, it does soothe and smooth your skin. I think that facial oil is an important step to enhance my other skincare products (like~ serum, eyecream and moisturizer/cream).

Anyway, here I am trying out a new facial oil from 3RIFIC Premium Face Oil - A powerful facial oil that blends 11 super nutrients and bio-actives, including lupine seed, to restore the skin's youthful vitality.

3RIFIC is a local brand that source and made their products in Japan
(You can read more about it here)

The 3RIFIC Premium Face Oil is a lightweight, non-sticky and unfragranced oil that will penetrates skin quickly to moisturize it.

Made from a delicate combination of  best natural ingredients and organic plant oils sourced from coveted locations around the world.

A powerful blend of natural ingredients like baobab oil, argan oil, squalane and grapeseed oil to reduce the visible signs of aging, Lupine seed extract and vitamin c also helps regenerate collagen to make skin firmer and more vibrancy radiance.

Based on the ingredients list.. the oils in this Premium Face Oil are mostly dry oil... Argan oil, greapeseed oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, sweet almond oil are some of the oils that won't clog most skin type (even on oily skin)...

I'm a fan of Sweet almond oil, because it soothe and keeping my skin moisturized without clogging my dry skin.

When I first trying this oil, I did patch test on the back of my ear and on my neck for 3 to 5 days to see if I'm having bad reaction to it (I do patch test on all NEW skincare products~ it's my standard procedure).

Nope, this oil feel nice on my skin and I don't have any irritation from using it.

From my basic facial oil knowledge.... I usually use oil last (last step of my skincare routine) because I have dry skin... Oil will helps to enhance and penetrate the cream I'm using (as oil can pass thru almost everythings)

For oily skin... You have to use the oil first to balance out your sebum production.

(Normal to dry skin - oil as last step)
(Normal to oily skin - oil first before any serum/moisturizer)
Normal skin have the benefit to choose which steps feels nicer on their skin.

I start using this oil on my whole face after my "toner" (non alcohol type) or thermal water as per the direction giving on the website. I try it out for 3 days and I switch.. because my skin was feeling tighter and dryer (my skin was pretty dry... using the oil first doesn't do me any good.)

My skin feel nicer and better when I'm using the 3RIFIC Premium Face Oil last (like what I will use on any type of pure oil)

  • The oil feel really nice and smooth on the skin
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation
  • No breaking out from using the oil
  • Works well with the serum and cream that I'm using
  • The oil absorbed really nicely into my skin keeping my skin hydrated and feeling tight
    (I use about 10 drops sometimes more when my skin was feeling a little tired and dry)
I have been using this 3RIFIC Premium Face Oil everyday for 2 weeks before I start rotating with my favourite Rosehip seeds oil.

I find that this oil was pretty light and not too heavy, but it wasn't thick enough for my liking (I prefer thick oily oil).. but I can see this would be a good oil for normal/combination to oily skin.

For some skin especially combination to oily skin, you need to pay extra attention because olive oil and squalane may be a little thick and rich for the pores.

The oil feel pretty light... not too thick and absorbed really well and fast into the skin.
(The absorption depend on your skin type... the drier you are the faster the skin absorb)

Doesn't contains :
Parabens, Mineral Oil, Fragrance, Color, Petrolatum/Paraffin Wax, Silicones, Propylene Glycol, Phthalates, Retinol, Animal by-products.

Product not tested on animals

May contain traces of nuts / wheat. Suitable for vegetarians / vegans

Ingredients list for 3RIFIC Premium Face Oil

3RIFIC Premium Face Oil
Price : S$91

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