Spa Ceylon Virgin Coconut Range

Recently, Spa Ceylon the world's leading luxury ayurveda brand launched the all new nourishing virgin coconut range.

The latest Virgin Coconut range from Spa Ceylon uses 100% pure Virgin Coconut Oil, which are naturally cold pressed and sourced from the finest fresh coconuts that are hand-picked from the lush tropical gardens of Ceylon.

The products are rich in nourishing vitamins and protective anti-oxidants that help reinforce, repair and fortify skin & hair, promoting overall wellness. They hydrate, nourish, soften, smoothen and brighten for all-round care.

Spa Ceylon products are free of paraben, paraffin and alcohol... 
Not tested on animals
100 percent vegetarian. 
Spa Ceylon promotes sustainable harvesting and supports community fair trade

The Spa Ceylon Virgin coconut pure & natural organic oil are suitable for all kind types
Can be use on face, body and hair... You can use the oil for salad or cooking too!

I have been wanting to try coconut oil ... and I can't wait to try out the coconut oil~

These Virgin coconut natural butter is a multi purpose balm that can be use on face/body and hair~ they smell really soothing too! My face would be the Lemongrass mandarin and Jasmine.

 I have a tour around the Spa Ceylon store at Wisma Atria Shopping Mall, #01-43.

Spa Ceylon Sleep therapy helps to calm down your buzy brain so that you can relax and have a good sleep with the helps of lavender, ylang ylang and patchouli~

Daily De-stress range - a range I believe most peoples will enjoy since we all live in a busy city~

You don't need to wait until you have issue with your foot to start taking care of your foot right?
I can tell you body lotion alone doesn't do much... we DO need foot care product!!!!

The green mist refreshing foot mist was pretty cooling on the skin and peppermint scent was pretty good!

Spa Ceylon also have essential oils~

I love sweet almond oil and avocado oil!!
When I finish up my sweet almond oil~
I wanna give this brand a try~

Bath and Massage range~

I love reading up on essential oils and I read a lot of good stuff on Frankincense and Sandalwood~

Frankincense can help to relieve chronic stress and anxiety, reducing pain and inflammation, boosting immunity and even potentially helping to fight cancer.

Sandalwood essential oil can be attributed to its properties as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antiphlogistic, antispasmodic, astringent, cicatrisant, carminative, diuretic, disinfectant, emollient, expectorant, hypotensive, memory booster, sedative, and a tonic substance.

They also have travel kit - a good size to test out different products and ranges from Spa ceylon~


Solid perfume~

Learn more about Spa Ceylon and their products on their website~

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