Review Sloane Inc S3.9 White mulberry skin superfood mask

For someone who have problematic skin, not all sheet mask or wash off mask will sit well on my skin. So having a soothing, calming and moisturizing mask is key for my sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin. I know... I have very problematic skin. I hope my journey to finding skincare that works for my skin will somehow helps those who have similar issues.

Really love it when The Sloane Clinic ask about my skin concern, issues and am willing to try to help my problems. So they sent me a Sloane Inc S3.9 White mulberry skin superfood mask kit.

About Sloane Inc S3.9 White mulberry skin superfood mask
An anti-oxidant rich powder face mask lovingly formulated from Skin Superfood, White Mulberry. This skin calming mask when energized by its vitamin & aloe-infused-counterpart, Skin Activator II helps to calm and balance sensitive, dehydrated skins instantly as the heavenly benefits of white mulberry intensely repairs and illuminates lackluster skin. One of the most impressive superfoods found in nature, it breathes tranquility and composure to leave skin looking balanced and healthy.

  • Calming
  • Replenishing
  • Illuminating


Mask Powder I:  
French Clay, White Mulberry extracts, Aloe Vera, Hydrolysed Collagen, Colloidal Oatmeal, Sorbitol.

Skin Activator II: 
Distilled water, Sodium PCA, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), phenoxyethanol.

  1. Mix 2 scoops of mask powder I with skin activator II.
    (Optional: Add 1 spatula of Dermaboost vitamins for added effect)
  2. Apply onto face. Spritz skin activator II whenever mask feels dry on face
  3. Remove mask after 10 minutes

This is Skin Activator II
(To mix into the powder to make a paste)

mask powder I

Here's a clip on how I mix my mask~

 Before masking
I have sensitive skin, so my cheeks are always pinkish~

Note (Always do patch tests on NEW product if your skin are sensitive) :
I have been doing patch testes for about 3 times before applying this on my whole face (I have tested it on my upper inner arm, at the back of my ear and just on the side of my jaw... when I didn't get any irritation.. I use it on my whole face)

Applying a layer of the mask paste all over my face, avoiding my philtrum area because having some broken skin due to dryness (have been sneezing and blowing my nose non-stop the day before... due to sinus)

The mask may feel a little stinging on broken skin (those very dry area~) but after about 10-30seconds ... the sensation will goes away...

The mask feel quite cooling during application.. but it will start to dry up.. you can let it be or hydrate it with your facial mist (I use Hardy & Co. Dewy Skin Anti-Ageing Champagne Mist or Vichy thermal water)

During the 10 mins of masking, my skin feel quite comfortable and nice (no burning sensation, no itchy nor irritation)

After washing it off, skin feel pretty fresh and hydrated ~


On pic, my skin doesn't have look much different as compare to the before pic, but I do feel different

After masking ::
  • my skin feel pretty cooling to touch after washing off the mask
  • No irritation
  • Skin doesn't feel itchy
  • No breaking out
    (Have been using this mask for about 5/6 times. I used it once/twice a week... depend on my mood)
  • My skin also doesn't get irritated easily after masking (which is a thumb up for me!)
  • Skin feel pretty hydrated and supple
  • My skin does look dewy and hydrated
  • I do notice the redness on my skin wasn't so red and obvious
    (I means when I look at my skin close-up)
  • My pores also look smaller (when skin is well hydrated, pore size will reduce)
  • After masking, skincare goes on nicely and smoothly on the skin
  • I like that it does helps to soothe and calm my hot sensitive skin
    (My skin always feel pretty warm and itchy quite often and this mask does helps to calm my angry skin)
Overall, I really enjoy using this mask~

Sloane Inc S3.9 White mulberry skin superfood mask
Price : USD$66

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