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I have been using mist as the first step (after cleansing) of my skincare routine for a few years now. I used to enjoying layering my toner/skin lotion (Japan/Korean version) with a cotton square pad and I like how skin feel so cooling and refreshing.

BUT after having allergy issue back in 2014... my skin and skin immunity have become pretty weak, any rubbing/massage motion will cause irritation (a little redness and itch here and there)... So I use mist (thermal water/skin friendly mist) to moist up my skin before using serum/cream/moisturizer/oils.

Received a bottle of  Hardy & Co. Dewy Skin Anti-Ageing Champagne Mist - read about the brand and product information and I can't wait to add this into my skincare routine. The mist sound like a great product! (If your skin are sensitive ... always to do a patch test before using any product on the whole face)

This year (2017), my skin have been feeling really good as compare to the last 2 or 3 years and have been enjoying using and the benefits of good skincare products.

I guess because I start using 100% pure oils "Sweet almond oil and Tamanu oil" (Sorry... if I keep promoting tamanu oil.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE it so much.) Pure oils not only helps to strengthen and build up my skin immunity, the oils also helps to reduce redness and prevent inflammation (the oils also helps to soothe my dry skin).

Though I still have skin irritation once awhile... but it is way better then before and I can totally enjoy using multiple products on my skin (still have to be careful la, don't use harsh products that contains alcohol, harsh fragrance or skin irritants).

Dewy Skin Anti-Ageing Champagne Mist bursting with lavender & acai stem cell extracts

Dewy Skin Anti-Ageing Champagne Mist is formulated with champagne grape extracts to instantly refresh, hydrate and re-balance skin for a more luminous appearance.

Dewy Skin Anti-Ageing Champagne Mist’s profound powers of transformation are derived from potent, highly active ingredients like lavender and acai stem cell extracts which impart unsurpassed antioxidant, protectant and anti-aging benefits while enhancing cellular metabolism.

Dewy Skin Anti-Ageing Champagne Mist infuses skin with precious nutrients, immersing it in moisture and energy.

  • For dewy skin maintenance, spray liberally onto clean skin twice a day.
  • For intensive skin boost, spray liberally as often as needed.
  • Lightly pat in with fingertips.
    Can be used alone or as part of your skin care regimen. Follow up with your serums & moisturisers as needed.

Ingredients ::
Water, Lactobacillus Filtrate, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Water, Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract, Butylene glycol, Pentylene Glycol, Sodium benzoate, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol

  • First of all... the scent of this Hardy & Co. Dewy Skin Anti-Ageing Champagne Mist was pretty yummy.. sweet~ (don't have strong chemical scent.. and I did not smell any alcohol (thumb up).
  • The ingredients of this products were pretty good.. I enjoy Lavender (very soothing)
  • I didn't experience any skin irritation, no sensitive nor "redness" issue
  • No breaking-out from using this mist
  • I like to wet my face with this mist (instead of using a toner/lotion) I love using mist to soak and prep my skin before applying the rest of my skincare products (Use after cleansing before serum/cream/oils)
  • I also use this mist to moist my face before doing any masking
  • The mist feel really nice on the skin and doesn't have any "stinging" nor "burning" sensation on broken or flakey dehydrated skin
  • Really enjoy using this mist as the first step of my skincare routine (the first step after cleansing la)
  • I like soaking up a piece of dry cotton sheet mask with a mixture of the Vichy Thermal water and Hardy & Co. Dewy Skin Anti-Ageing Champagne Mist and mask my skin for like 5 mins for the instant boost of hydration. (This is relaxing and also making my skin feel so refreshing!)
I soak a piece of this compressed cotton mask into mixture of
Vichy thermal water and Hardy & Co. Dewy Skin Anti-Ageing Champagne Mist
(You can just soak it in the mist alone~)

If you do not experiences any skin issue... this mist can be used often to keep skin hydrated, fresh and moist.

From my personal experience...
(This is how my skin feel la, if you do not having any issue using mist during irritated phase... go ahead and hydrate your skin with mist... as for me, I find that reapplying mist on cleanse face works better~ and my skin also heal faster this way)

When my skin was really dry and tight to a point where my skin was flakey, irritated, itchy and red... I don't use mist when skin is feeling dry/tight (after applying skincare or with makeup)... it's just make skin feel more tight and uncomfortable after about 5 mins from using the mist (I means all kind of mist~ because skin was pretty warm and the mist evaporate pretty fast on the skin surface instead of absorbing into the skin.)

So when skin is having all kind of skin issue (especially dehydrated irritated skin)... I like to soak up my skin with mist after cleansing~
Soak your skin up with mist, let the mist sit on the skin for like 30 seconds and lightly pat in the mist with your fingertips (it's refreshing, skin is cooling to touch and feel oh-so-nice). While skin is feeling moist apply your normal skincare products.

I like layering mist and serum...
Spray the mist all over the face - let it sit on the skin for about 30 seconds and lightly pat into the skin and repeat... this time round you don't have to wait (after spraying, pat the skin with fingertips)
Repeat as many time you like.. but I personally feel that 2 layers is more then enough (since I also layer my serum)

After using the mist about 4 weeks (start using it on the last week of May)....
I really enjoy using the Dewy Skin Anti-ageing Champage Mist....

Do I see my skin looking more dewy... it's hard to say, since my usual skincare product (especially the pure oils that I'm using and loving) are doing a pretty good job at making my skin looking healthy, dewy and nice... I'll say YES, because ONE bad product can ruin everything and I do not see that.

Even when my skin was having some issues (around mid June) .... I was sick and having discharge on my eyes which make me rub my eye more often and causing the skin under my eyes to have some skin irritation, follow up with dehydrated issue and ects... (My skin always turn worse when I'm sick!!!)  This mist doesn't cause irritation on my irritated skin and it soothe my tired warm skin really well.

So thumb up!

About Hardy & Co.
Hardy & Co. skincare line is all lovingly formulated with stem cell extracts to coax out the freshest, most luminous layers of your natural beauty within. Phyto stem cell extracts not only have the potential to deeply rejuvenate the skin but also to reset the skin’s aging clock--- essentially a veritable fountain of youth. Hardy & Co’s philosophy stems from the deep belief that our skin when given the optimal conditions actually needs minmal to thrive. Present it with high quality actives, and watch it take on a life of its own.

Hardy & Co. Dewy Skin Anti-Ageing Champagne Mist
Price : USD$80

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