Essano Rosehip oil Enriched with Acia berry antioxidant oil

I always tell myself that I have to give a product/ingredient a few chances before 我判它死刑. Have to try it out a few times in different timing before deciding that the product/ingredients doesn't suit my skin. So this is me giving Rosehip rose a 2nd chances after I stop using it for many years (I first tried Rosehip seed oil back in 2009/2010).

I'm just glad that I do and I'm totally enjoy using it.. although essano Rosehip oil wasn't a single ingredient pure oil, but the blend work really well with my sensitive skin.

I have always been a fan of using oils on skin... I have tried quite a numbers of pure oils mainly on my body for my eczema conditions (Not all oils works well on my skin) ... most of them do not cause any issues but they didn't show much results too. (I've tried avocado oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, evening primrose oil and ects...)

The reason that got me to try out Rosehip oil was that I have combination skin (always dehydrated), was prone to acne and I have a lot of black/white heads on my nose. Rosehip oils have a lot of benefits and was great for oil skin. (Thats was like back in 2009/2010)

I got it, try it out for about a month and I didn't have great experience with rosehip oil! The brand I tried was feeling quite nice at first but after using it for a while, I start to have irritation, red spots and ects ... so I stop using it.

Maybe I got a bad one (I means the bottle that I got maybe spoiled or what... since pure oil get rancid easily if I didn't kept or handle it properly (especially in out crazy hot weather and humidity) OR my skin wasn't ready for rosehip oil. Either ways... I stop using it and I donno why I never try it out again... BUT I did try out other facials oils (not pure oils though... it's hard to get pure oil in Singapore back then..  all I saw are olive oil and baby oil... pure oils are not mainstream enough back then.. lolx

If you are curious....
For facial oil, I think I only tried Rosehip oil, APIVITA Wine Elixir (Organic olive, sunflower, almond oils, Neroli, patchouli, clary sage and geranium essential oils), olive oil, avocado oil, flaxseed oil and baby oil (which is mineral oil)... I stop trying out products after that allergy epsiode back in 2014 and also because my skin have become really sensitive (so much worse as compare to before) anything also can cause irritation. So I cut down on layering my skincare and just use skin friendly and simple products (cleanser and moisturizer - no serum, no essence, no toner and anything fancy~)

So, when I think my skin are feeling much stronger... I decided to start adding pure oils into my skincare routine. Since I always like using pure oils on my body, on my eczema... why not start using it on my face to kinda helps boost up my skin balance (oil/water balance) and also at the same time build up my skin immunity.

I remember I have a small sample size of Essano Rosehip oil Enriched with Acia berry antioxidant oil in the Essano travel kit that I got during the Watsons' blogger event. (And Ming also kinda raving on how good the rosehip oil hydrate her dehydrated skin)... so I tried it and was feel happy that after finishing the 5ml sample size.. I didn't have any irritation.

Purchase the full size (20ml for S$29.90) at Watsons and I also got a cosmetic grade Sweet almond pure oil (I wanna try sweet almond oil because a lot of peoples are saying that sweet almond oil are good for eczema skin... turn out I love sweet almond oil way more then Rosehip oil... anyway they are very different... cos they treat different skin issues.) to try on eczema.

Very simple ingredients product with No 
parabens, sulphates, silicones, phthalates, ethoxylates,
PEGs, PPGs, mineral oil, GMOs and animal testing.

100% natural and certified organic

  • The Rosehip oil look quite yellowish orangey.. it will look quite yellowish on the skin when you first apply, but after a few seconds and once the oil absorbed... it doesn't have any color stain on the skin.

  • Rosehip oil is a dry oil...  has a comedogenic rating of 1
    (0 to 3 won't clog your pores and suitable for oily skin...)
    Linoleic acid– 44%
    (Acne prone skin should look for pure oil that have high Linoleic acid as the helps to prevent break-out )

(Learn more about oils on this blog post~ very interesting and also kinda helps me a lot in searching the perfect pure oils for my skin type and concerns... Or you can just googled about it and read more reviews and ects..)

  • The oil feel slippery, very moist, oily(but not those thick oily type of feels), lightweight and absorb really well and fast into the skin.

  • The oil helps to push out the black/white heads on my nose really well and it also helps to heal acne! (slow but nicely) .. I don't use rosehip oil daily or on my full face, because the oil was a little drying on my dry skin. I have dry and dehydrated skin... my oil and water balance was kinda mess up (sometimes my skin feel nice and normal and sometimes... the skin surface just feel dry and flakey~)

  • Rosehip oil also helps to hydrate dehydrated skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines
    (I like to mix a drop of rosehip oil in sweet almond oil and tamanu oil)

  • Rosehip oil is great to dry up pimples, get rid of black heads on the nose and it also helps to exfoliate your skin by pushing out the dead skin cell on your skin. (works on my skin... When I use rosehip oils... I noticed that I do not have to use a nose sheet mask to pull out my black/white head ... a more skin friendly and hydrating version of bliv off with those heads)

Now, after finishing Essano Rosehip oil ... I'm trying out Radha beauty Rosehip oil organic pure oil (this is a pure 100% rosehip oil with no other ingredient)

Ingredients lists
Rosa Canina (Rosehip) fruit oil
Euterpe Oleracea (Acai) pulp oil
Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)

Tips :
For oily to combination skin... use pure oil before your moisturizer
For dry skin... use serum/moisturizer before using oils

When I start using pure oil.. I apply oil first.. though it make my skin feels nice, but my skin doesn't feel hydrated or well balance.. it still feel dry and tight on some areas. AND once I switch.. OMG!!! I see great results the next day and by the 3rd skin was flakey anymore!!!

Essano Rosehip oil Enriched with Acia berry antioxidant oil
Available at Watsons
Price : S$29.90 (20ml)

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