THEFACESHOP Miracle Finish Cushion

THEFACESHOP recently launched the Miracle Finish cushion. The premium natural cosmetic brand THEFACESHOP Miracle Finish Cushion line will have 6 different cushions for different skin type.

The Miracle Finish Cushion line provides moisture to stressed-out skin caused by the scorching heat and UV rays with its ingredient of hyaluronic acid.

In this line they have 2 kinds of CC cushion (Intense cover and long lasting cushion) - which keeps makeup fresh against sebum and sweat and One kind of BB cushion with the function of THEFACESHOP bestseller Power Perfection BB cream (Long lastion cushion) in the form of cushion

THEFACESHOP Miracle Finish Cushion

(White casing) Intense cover cushion ::
  • oil control water cushion
  • CC intense cover
  • CC ultra moist cushion
(Black casing) Long lasting Cushion
  • CC cooling cushion
  • CC long-lasting cushion
  • BB Power perfection cushion

LOok at this chic cushion casing~

New addition to THEFACESHOP cushions
(they first appear on the Limited Edition Disney collaboration)

CC Cooling Cushion : 
Contains lots of skin conditioning, which is a major ingredient of moisturizing cream, so it instantly moisturizes dry skin. In addition of snon oil ingredient, which melts softly with our body temperature that makes skin looking hydro-radiant and feel refreshed with it cooling application.

CC Long Lasting Cushion :
contains primer substance, which closely and thinly adheres to our skin and makes skin looking smooth with clumps. The skin fitting system keeps skin fresh for long hours by forming a super adhering film. It makes touching up makeup convenient and expresses natural, refreshing skin even during the hot weather as it lightly adheres to skin.

BB Power perfection cushion :
A cushion type that has the excellent function of THEFACESHOP's Power Perfection BB Cream, so it is very convenient to use. In particular, since it has all 3 functions of anti-wrinkle, brightening and UV protection, it is very convenient to use in summer.

My personal favourite would be the BB power perfection cushion - this does have a grey tint to it (more suitable for cool under tone (pink tone) or fair skin tone...) but I like it because the grey tint brighten up my pink skin (I have sensitive skin and my cheeks are always pinkish!!!)

The cushion make my skin look bright, dewy and nice - when my skin was kinda in good condition, this cushion look amazing (with just a light layer, I look fresh with even complexion. It does enhance a little big of dryness (if you have some dry spot on the face) but it won't make skin look patchy or anything. May be a little too "oily" for oily skin.

THEFACESHOP Miracle Finish Cushion
Price : S$32 each
All cushions available at THEFACESHOP and THEFACESHOP-Nature collection stores

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