Review on Ras Beauty Black Magic Blackheads cleansing gel

Black Magic... the name itself sound interesting and magical~
(Hahhahaa.. I'm in anything horror... so.. Yeah~)

Ras Beauty Black Magic Blackheads cleansing gel is so versatile that it makes no difference which lens is used to capture her beauty. A natural plant-based formula with active ingredients that work to soften and cleanse clogged pores, preventing blackheads from rearing their ugly little heads. (Double Yeah~)

Even when my skin condition changed (from aging... pollution... immune system... leeping in AC room and ects...)  from some what oily to combination to dry and super sensitive, I can never get away with blackheads!!! They just follow me everywhere!

Way before... I used to love using Bliv Blackhead out serum... it's soften and melt away my blackheads and kinda keep inflammation/blemishes in control... BUT I stop using it after my skin have some allergy issue (not related to skincare products.. most properly due to eczema/drug allergy )...

Anyway, after that... I try to use skin care products that are more simple, basic and skin friendly. I have been using oil to keep blackhead away... It works!!

But for peoples who are not comfortable in using pure oil (rosehip seed oil or tamanu oil work great at preventing blemishes and soften blackheads) ... this is the next best thing to soften blackheads! (Work especially great on the nose but show very slow result on the chin~)

Yeah to skin friendly ingredients~
No Parabens
No artificial fragrance
No colorant

I ONLY apply this gel on my nose and chin (and on any "acne" I'm having)
On the first application, after a few hours... when I touch my nose.. I can feel like some "residues" coming off when I lightly rub my nose bridge~

Anyway, I try to wear this under my makeup... no issue, doesn't cause any "patchy issue" and foundation/bbcream look fine on the skin.

So after a week, I can feel that my nose are getting smoother (I didn't use any blackhead nose sheet peel)... show great results after 2 weeks!! Clean smooth nose.

But the stubborn old and big blackheads are a little problematic, so I try using a nose sheet to get ride of it after 2 weeks of using the gel!! It works.. usually big stubborn blackhead doesn't come off easily by using nose sheet peel (because they are too big and deep into the pores) too.

My chin, does look cleaner but the results not as good as compare to my nose~

This product doesn't irritate my skin.

Ingredients list of Ras Beauty Black Magic Blackheads cleansing gel

Reduce blackheads and whiteheads / Control oil.
Apply on affected areas directly after cleansing and toning. Do not rinse off. Use day and night.

About RAS

Mother Nature has always been the best creator and keeper of secrets. Inspired by nature, RAS takes you on a discovery journey to reveal the secret gems in every corner of the world.

Combining the best of both nature and science, RAS unlock the potential of these natural ingredients to reveal its secret and pledges unparalleled skincare for your everyday needs.

RAS is committed and promise to bring the splendour of nature to your skin.

Ras Beauty Black Magic Blackheads cleansing gel
Price : S$25 for 15ml(Promotion)


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