Kustie Natural Clay Shower cream in Dead Sea Mud Shower Cream

Kustie recently introduced a range of Natural clay shower cream - they are 100% natural and rich in minerals.

Dead Sea Mud
From world-famous natural dead sea mud about 400 meters below sea level. Contains the concentration of over 20 different minerals, offering the ultimate natural skin care.

Manicougan clay
Natural glacier clay is the gift of nature several million years ago hidden deeply under the glacier range thus, it is as delicate as silk for the skin. It is also rich in trace elements like potassium, magnesium and sodium. With granule diameter less than 0.001mm, it is also strong for gentle cleansing.

Jeju volcanic clay shower cream
From Jeju island formed 1.2million years ago, natural volcanic clay is rich in trace elements and minerals, containing over 30 kinds of microelement. Jeju volcanic clay is powerful for oil-control and skin purifying.

I chose Dead Sea Mud Shower cream base on my skin condition and what I need most - I have sensitive and dry skin. Actually Manicouagan clay shower cream sound nice and quite suitable for my skin too.... BUT I'm wanna try dead sea mud to see if they can soften my dry skin. (I will get Manicouagan clay shower cream after I finish up this body ^_^)

The cream was thicker then the baby shower bath that I always use... lather and form up really well (and I find that I use less product with this Kustie Dead sea mud shower cream.) and it very easy to rinse off leaving skin feeling super clean and NOT drying at all.

Didn't cause any skin irritation on my eczema skin.. I find that it make skin feel less itchy on the "eczema" patches!!! ( I'm not sure is it due to my body temperature or the weather wasn't too crazy that my eczema not flaring/acting up - eczema always feel nicer when my body temerature wasn't too high - I always have quite high body temp!) ... Anyway... I feel good.. so I'm happy!

Kustie Natural Clay Shower cream in Dead Sea Mud Shower Cream
Price : S$16.90 (each)

Available from April onwards at selected Watsons, BHG and Robinsons

I'm not affiliated with the brand
Review based on my personal experiences

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