Etude House LOOK AT MY EYES in OR205 (eyeshadow single)

This is kinda random post... sometimes back, I walked by Etude House (the Jcube store.. where it just hard not to take a look when you come in or exit the mall)... something "orange" caught my eyes.....

I just look at the date of these photos that I've took after I got it.... dated one month ago (OOps!) and I still haven't use it on my eyelids... but look the orange goldish goodness!!!

Beautiful isn't it... I'm into orangey, reddish, berry and I wanna get more burnt orange, brown shades~ these are the colors that I'm crazy about lately.

Remember there was a period (if you have been checking out my blog way way back...) where I'm so crazy about green, teal and olive eyeshadows~ I still like them, but I'm into warmer colors lately and I do not know how long this phase will last~

You can check out my LOTD posts...

Looking back, I used to take pics with my puppies all the times.... take many pics to show off how the eyeshadow look on my eyelids on different angles... I need to try and do more LOTD with my doggies.

A true orange with a hint of gold~ BEAUTIFUL!!!

The eye shadow feel creamy, not chalky not chunky....
This is not urban decay... but pretty good for the pricing!
Once I used this and maybe do a lotd.. I will see how this eye shadow last~

A pretty random blog post right??
I just wanna share how pretty this color was~

Price : S$7.90

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