Vichy Aqualia Thermal Spa oil-in-water Essence

Vichy recently launched Vichy Aqualia Thermal Spa oil-in-water Essence - the 1st micro-capsule essence that mimics and rebuilds our damaged skin hydrolipidic film for long lasting hydration.

Lately, I have been crazy with anything that have oil in it... oil do wonder and make my skin sad sad skin feels good. So I'm quite excited to try this new oil-in-water essence! (I love skincare and makeup.. so I'm always excited to try out new products! Kekekekkee~)

I can tell you that aging do a lot of damage on skin. (From oily to combination to dry skin!!!)
I find that my skin now... start to produce less collagen, slow skin cell regeneration, low skin immune system, dryness, very sensitive, get irritated easily and ects... not forgetting that I have eczema condition and I'm prone to acne! (Why do I have so many issue!!!!!!!)

I find that oil (pure oil - cold pressed oil) do a lot of wonders to my poor skin! So I start to look for skincare that are gentle and contains a lot of oils! Oils that are low in comedogenic rating (not higher then 3) and high in linoleic acid (because I get breakout and inflammation easily).

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Spa oil-in-water Essence contains Squalane (from olive), which has a low comedogenic rating of 2 but it has a high oleic acid rating (which is not really skin friendly for acne prone skin... BUT sweet almond oil also have a high oleic acid rating though not as high as olive oil..and my skin LOVE sweet almond oil).

Squalane have the ability to completely and rapidly penetrate the skin with making skin feeling oily nor sticky. Squalane is antibacterial, anti-oxidant, prevent UV damage, prevent the formation of dark spots and promotes cell growth.

Squalane is a genius molecule, extracted from olives, that mimics the main component of skin's own sebum, a key element of the hydrolipidic film. It easily enters the hydrolipidic film and is capable of reinforcing the skin's barrier. On the other hand, vitamin E prevents and repairs damage caused by free radicals. This is essential when skin's barrier is weakened; as more water evaporates, the skin become more vulnerable against attacks from external aggerssors.

The delicate balance between oil and water substances is achieved through physical ingenuity without any chemical manipulation. Protected in micro-capsules. The oil phase is only despersed at the last minute into aqueous phase to ensure maximum efficiency.

Paraben-free and composed of pure ingredients.

Aqualia oil-in-water Essence's tolerance have been scientifically confirmed.
Even on sensitive skin.

To apply, warm the essence in the palms of your hands and gently smooth it over the skin.
Sweep both hands over the face to seal in all of the essence hydrating benefits

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Spa oil-in-water Essence
Price : S$52

Available at leading pharmacies including
Watsons, Guardian, Unity and selected hospital pharmacies
from April 2017 onwards.

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