BlanX White Shock

*Star Product*
BlanX White Shock (50ml) + LED Accelerator 
Price : S$12.95 

BlanX White Shock (75ml)
Price : S$8.95

BlanX White Shock is a non-abrasive toothpaste

BlanX White Shock LED Accelerator comes with a 50ml White Shock toothpaste. 

A very interesting product.. the LED light will activate the Actilux in the toothpaste to intesifies the anti-bacterial actoion of the formula!

I was a little confuse at first on how to use the LED... so we just open the cap and let the LED light activate the toothpaste and we just brush as per normal.

  • First impression, teeth does look brighter (tone still about the same)
  • But I like that the paste rinse off easily leaving teeth feeling clean... 
  • Doesn't feel too minty like a lot of other toothpaste brands.
  • Teeth doesn't leave a weird taste the next morning (some toothpaste gave me a "sour" taste in the morning....)
  • For the first week, I didn't see any different on my teeth tone.. but I do notice that it does look brighten up my teeth each time I brush.
  • After 8 weeks, I finally see some results ... my teeth look brighter and whiter (still yellowish) but it like lighten up by 2 shades. (I think my result was slow because I LOVE my coffee too much~ lolx)
  • I do noticed the stain I have on one of my tooth kinda fade off (YES)
  • I will keep using it to see if will lighten and brighten up my teeth further (^_^)

Beside the BlanX White Shock, they also have 3 other whitening toothpaste
Advance whitening, intensive stain removal and sensitive teeth toothpaste

BlanX Advanced whitening toothpaste
Price : S$11.95

BlanX Intensive stain romoval
Price : S$11.95

BlanX Sensitive Teeth toothpaste
Price : S$11.95

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