Tips to Consider When You Rent an Apartment

Sometimes it becomes a real can of worms to find an ideal house for rent. Spending your hard-earned money on rental is more than just finding a perfect place to call it your home. Today, more people are interested in renting apartment when compared to other type of properties. Take a look at these tips to make your renting process a cakewalk while searching for your next ideal apartment.

       1. Choose the Right Place
The location of the house should be in a place where you have access to all the necessary facilities. For instance, a hospital should be near for emergency purposes. Look for the connectivity options available such as buses and trains. A house will be good if it is near a shopping complex and grocery stores, etc. It is important to know about the property’s neighborhood you would like to rent. It is best to visit the location during different times and talk to the local community to find out more about the place.

Of course there’s an easier option that can help you to ease your whole apartment hunting process, that is by utilizing online property portal like PropertyGuru Singapore that will save you the trouble of visitng each and every apartment you have laid your eyes on.

       2. Start Searching Early
Do not leave the work for the last minute. It proves to be a hassle when it is too late. Start searching for a new house a little early, say two months before your current lease ends. Finding the perfect home might be more time consuming than you think considering you will need to vet through the property, negotiate with owner and move your belongings.

       3. Review White Goods
White goods can include numerous things like refrigerator, dishwasher. Microwave etc. Check all the appliances before making a final deal to avoid future trouble. Notify the owner beforehand if anything is out of order. Of course this only applicable to fully furnished unit.

       4. Water Availability
Check for the water faucets and showers. Look for any damage and check whether the pressure of water is sufficient. Do not forget to ask about water storage facility and monthly water bills. Ensure the monthly water bills are paid for on time.

       5. Go Through the Clauses
A lease contract is generated when the deal goes final. Look for various provisions present in the contract. Here, look for two things. First is the “break clause,” which means the maximum duration of the validity of the contract. It can be between six to twelve months. Finalize it on mutual consent and check the terms and conditions. Secondly, the “release clause.” It is a clause that states the penalty for violation of the deal. It is the amount of money payable to the opposite party who break the lease agreement.

       6. Get Repairs Done
Before taking the possession and signing the contract, notify the landlord about the work left if any. Ask for the painting of walls if it is not well along with repair of sinks, showers, etc. before finalizing the deal and signing any document.

       7. Prepare the Inventory
Make a detailed list of all the articles present. Do it by clicking photographs of all the items present, especially the defected ones according to a landlord on the Life Hacker website . Make a list along with recording the details and status of all the articles. It is good to keep a copy with you along with a copy given to the owner of the house.

       8. Challenge Terms and Conditions
If you are unhappy with the terms before getting a deal done, ask to make changes where necessary. Remember to do this in a humble manner, with the utmost patience.

       9. Get Written Proof
Get everything in writing. Ask for a legal contract and all the related documents in hard copy. Landlords have to present tenants with documents like gas certificates and electricity supply certificates on demand. Never leave anything to chance and ask the owner for contact details including name, address, and phone number.

       10. Understand the Terms of Estate Agency
Real estate companies charge you for fees after a successful deal. It charges up payments in the form of rent multiples. Say rent of two weeks or one week. Ask precisely about the fees charged to avoid hassles afterward. Brokers also charge for arrangements of an additional facility a client wishes like power backup and round the clock security.

       11. Know About the Increase in Rent
It is also critical to know the rate at which the rent increases before searching for an apartment for rent on Property Guru. Rent increases in two ways. First, by proposing a rent increase directly to the tenant. Second, by stating a fixed rate of growth after a successive interval, like a five to ten percent increase per year, for example. Ask about the method before accommodation.

       12. Pending Dues
Before taking the keys of your new house, ask the landlord about any pending dues left on the property. Verify whether all the past dues of electricity, water, and maintenance are clear and you have a new tenure to start.

Final Word
Don’t allow your tight schedule and eagerness result in renting a bad property. Educate yourself completely about the process and be aware of your rights before you sign the lease.

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