TheFaceShop Moisture touch lipstick + swatches

Back in January, TheFaceShop launched the Moisture Touch - a collection of 20 vibrant lip colors. Infuses with a serum containing 10% of squalene for that luxuriously moisture feels and finishing.

Over here, I will be swatching the 14 shades that I've got~

A mixture of red, pink, berry and oranges shades~

Pictures taken with natural lighting (daylight lor)

Are you ready for some lips swatches??
Please say you do... because my lips feels so raw after applying/removing all 14 shades~
(I do skip a day ... when all the reds stained my lips~)

TheFaceShop Moisture touch lipstick was a creamy lipstick, creamy and a little thick (not as oily, waxy nor slippery type of creamy lipstick). Doesn't feel too drying on my lips BUT it does feel a little "tight" after wearing it for a while.

The shades was pretty intense, vibrant and apply evenly on the lips.

For easy viewing of all the 14 shades...

Are you all getting sick of my uneven chubby lips???

TheFaceShop Moisture touch lipstick
Price : S$19.90
Available at all TheFaceShop stores

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