DearPacker Black Tea and black rose mask

Recently, THEFACESHOP (Nature collection) introduces their first mask-centric brand, DearPacker. One of the newest brands under the Korean LG powerhouse. DearPacker is a professional skincare brand that specialises in masks. Using special skincare secrets from around the world and incorporating them into its products, it allows user to experience the different cultures and skincare benefits derived from each mask pack and mask sheet.

In this post, I've received the DearPacker Black Tea and black rose mask....
I'm a huge fan of tea products... because of the soothing effects and I really enjoy the sweet aroma of the tea leaf scent.

Inspired by Britain's great love for tea, DearPacker Black Tea and black rose mask contains 77% Royal black tea and black rose water for intense hydration, firming and increases skin elasticity.

Lavender oil also helps strengthen the efficacy of the product, allowing deeper penetration and giving better results.

The presence of anti-oxidant ingredients help to fight free radicals to prevent aging and increasing the vitality and radiance of your skin.

DearPacker Black Tea and black rose mask pack
Price : S$55 (50ml)

Direction of use ::
Apply a generous amount onto face after toner, avoiding eye and lip area.
Wash off after 10-15 minutes.
Finish off with your usual skincare regime.

DearPacker Black Tea and black rose hydrogel mask
Price : S$5.90 (per piece)

Direction of use ::
Apply after skincare.
Allow mask to rest on face for 20-40 minutes before removing the mask sheet
Pat the product lightly all over the face to increase product penetration.

(Something different!!! Apply mask sheet after our skincare regime... interesting.. I always apply serum or oil before sheet mask... never have I ever thought about applying mask sheet on top of the moisturizer/cream.)

Look at #peapea.... my mini custom- checking if anything is edible~ haahahhaa

The DearPacker collection is now avilable in all THEFACESHOP (Nature collection) stores.

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