Kakao Friends Village @ THEFACESHOP

Thanks THEFACESHOP for this lovely and duper cute Christmas gift~
Makeup with cute prints... what not to love!!! Right?? My niece love it too!! lolx ..... She's 2yrs old and whenever I'm doing my makeup she will look at me (copying my every action) and then look at my face very closely (I means CLOSE-UP) and say "很 cute ah"!

Oh, my niece fave makeup item is lipstick.. when we walk pass Sephora she will shout "口红" (lipstick) and wanna go inside and look at the color selection~ Wahahhahaha (so cute la~)

Holiday Kakao friends edition
The signature conditioning serum
Price : S$42

Holiday Kakao friends edition
Ryan Rich hand mask
Price : S$4.90 (each pc)

Here's the selection of Kakao friends village gift sets and item from THEFACESHOP
(Click to enlarge)

It's Christmas.... 
Merry merry Christmas and Happy Holiday

I will be nuaning at home and do nothing~
(My nothing = eat, sleep, watch TV, play with my dogs.... #funtime! lolx)

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