Wet Brush - Sugar Skull Limited Edition

This halloween (I know, I was so late~), Wet brush the limited edition Sugar Skull design. Consists of 3 colors : Red Rose, Purple Rose and White Rose (The one showing in this post is Purple rose).

So cute right? This would be a perfect little gift for someone who love Halloween~

Brush out tangles easily, with no pulling/tugging or pain.

The intelliFLex bristles are thin and strong yet flexible that will glide through hair effortlessly gently detangling hair.

Wet Brush exclusive ultra-soft polytips, sofTips help to protect the hair and are ideal for sensitive scalps.

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I like that the plastic box is simple and easy to open up
(I don't really care much about boxes.. so less is good!)

I usually don't comb/brush my hair often, I use my fingers to comb thru my hair - I do agree that hair doesn't look as neat nor shiny when compare to the hair brush by comb/brush... (I'm just lazy~)

Here's a tips.... don't brush or comb your hair often when they are wet, because wet hair are more fragile and they break easily. I will wait till my hair's dry then brush them. (That's something I read on the internet....) 

So... I try using the wet brush on wet hair (many times to see the different) and I don't find much different when I brush my hair "wet". (Feel like I have the same amount of hair breakage/hair loss when I brush my hair dry)

Wet Brush - Sugar Skull Limited Edition
Price : S19.90

Available at selected Watsons, BHG and Guardian

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