Topp Care Hair Solutions Oily Scalp and Hair Loss Prevention Treatment

Back in 29 October (2016),  I went to Topp Care Hair Care Centre to join in the celebration of their official opening and try out their treatments at their first outlet at Tampines.

  • Their first store is located at Block 201D Tampines St 21, #01-1131
  • The whole place was pretty simple and clean in just white and blue... nothing too fancy as they wanna focus on providing good treatment without additional costs.
  •  All their hair and scalp treatments are fixed price at S$80 (inclusive of gst) for both genders, regardless of hair length.
  •  They are having opening special at S$60 for all their treatments
  • Hair colouring services available from $60 depending on hair lengths
  • TOPP CARE uses all natural products with plants extracts

I'm in need of some treatment for my scalps (my main issue - oily and clogged scalp)
So before treatment, I had my scalp scanned to see which type of treatment(s) I need.

Without a doubt, oily scalp and a bit of inflammation... so they recommend me to try the Detoxdren scalp mask to clean up my scalps and pores... and follow up with a Healthy scalp treatment.

Here's a picture of me before doing the treatment

First treatment :: Detoxdren Scalp Mask
(I think doesn't matter which type of scalp's condition you have... we all need to detox our scalp to clear up our follicles once a while like we need to exfoliate our skin.)

Specially formulated for dandruff and oily scalp, Detoxdren Scalp Mask balances excessive oiliness leaving hair light and clean. This intensive treatment renews and strengthens hair follicles while calming the scalp.

The main ingredients include:

  • Yeast that helps to perfectly moisturize hair shafts and stimulates collagen production
  • Horse Chestnut which protects your scalp from the sun and promotes blood circulation

This is how the mask look like...

The mask feel refreshing on the scalp and she also gave my a nice soothing head massage after applying the mask all over my scalp....

The therapist left the mask on my scalp for about 20 mins before I had a good rinse and wash~

Blow dying my hair near my scalp after washing and prepare my scalp for the 2nd treatment....

2nd treatment :: Healthy scalp treatment
This is their popular treatment

Suitable for all scalp conditions, Topp Care’s signature Healthy Scalp Treatment prevents hair loss and supports regenerative functions to promote hair growth.

The benefits of this treatment include gentle cleansing to eliminate bacterial, promote hair growth, strengthen and thicken hair, improve blood circulation and relieve dandruff.

The main ingredients include:
  • Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Oil) which contains Vitamins to support strong and healthy hair , including Vitamin E excellent for conditioning hair
  • Isochrysis Galbana Extract (Mircoalgae) which helps to prevent hair loss and strengthens hair follicles

Applying the treatment oil all over my scalp

This gadget will help to enhance the absorption of the treatment oil

Head massage again~
This is a nice and relaxing Saturday afternoon of treatment and lovely head massage

After the massage.... styling and blow drying my hair

This Total Repair Hair Spray is a moisturizing UV spray for hair without the need to rinse off. It contains milk protein to provide nutritional moisturisation which restructures the hair internally and externally, resulting in silkiness & shine.

It was used during blow drying to reduce tangles for easy combing and the hint of floral smell stays on my hair the whole day.

After the treatments, I find that my scalps feel so much lighter and when I run my fingers thru my scalp, my scalp doesn't feel oily and it feel quite nice. I love clean and fresh feeling scalp! (NO FLAT hair around my crown area too.. YES!)

I have sensitive scalp and the treatments doesn't cause any irritation on my scalp the next day.

The detox treatment was pretty GOOD because my scalp wasn't oily for like 2 days.
Do note that both treatment focus on my scalp and not my hair.

If you have dry hair and in need of hair treatment... You can choose the hair treatment for dry and damaged hair (where the treatment focus more on the hair).

This will be suitable for a type of hair/scalps... but will be really awesome for those who have very tired and oily scalp.

I have been maintaining my scalp by using shampoo that doesn't contain silicons and my scalp have been feeling good until now. Yeah to healthy and less oily scalp.

Here are the information of the hair and scalp treatments Topp Care Hair Solutions provides:

1.Healthy Scalp Treatment – To prevent hair loss
2.Detoxdren Scalp mask – For dandruff and oily scalp
3.Energising Scalp mask – For hair regeneration
4.Hair Spa - Treatment for Damaged and Coloured hair
5.Hair Colouring Services  (from $60)

After the treatment... I'm just in time for the lion dance/opening celebration~

Special offer on Groupon

Scalp Treatment with Massage and Styling at Topp Care Hair Solutions (worth $80) 
** S$16 for 1 session
** S$28 for 2 sessions 

Topp Care Hair Solutions is a fixed price hair and scalp treatment hair care centre that uses high-quality plant extracts in our products.

Address ::
Block 201D Tampines Street 21 #01-1131, Singapore 524201.

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