ReFa CARAT RAY and ReFa Face-up cream

Tools for facial massage are getting more and more popular these days....and they are getting more and more interesting also. A few weeks ago, I gain some knowledge on Refa

Few weeks ago, I gained some knowledge on the brand ReFa, their new tool ReFa CARAT RAY and ReFa Face-up cream.

As much as I'm crazy about beauty related stuff (makeup and skincare)... I'm still pretty noob about massaging tools. BUT it's always fun to learn something interesting, especially when it said that it will give you more youthful and glowing skin!!! (I WANT!)

Roll your way to more youthful, glowing skin with the NEW ReFa CARAT RAY and ReFA Face-up cream.

With the concept of "united beauty" by combining the use of a beauty device with a skincare product, looking younger and more glowing naturally has never been so effortless and effective.

Price : S$359
the new addition to the pioneer of platinum face and body massage rollers that help to lift and tone skin will be launch in November 2016. The ReFa CARAT RAY's 3 dimensional design was developed to replicate the same sensations one might experience while getting a massage from a professional aesthetician. It now sports a sleeker and more streamlined design, making it easier to hold and grip, hence allowing for even better massage on the face and body.

The double drainage rollers work together to revitalise and rejuvenate the skin, while improving circulation at the same time. In addition, the roller balls are faceted in a highly-precise way so that it picks up the optimal amount of skin for massage, ensuring maximum comfort and efficiency.

The surface of both rollers are platinum-coated, making them acid and heat-resistant. It is also completely waterproof, allowing for use in the shower or bath.

Microcurrent Technology
The ReFa CARAT RAY utilises microcurrent technology - a safe and non-invasive method of stimulating muscles using low electrical currents.

Our bodies naturally carry a low electrical current that helps to regulate circulation and contributes to our skin's overall health. However due to aging, the skin's natural current level is diminished, causing a loss in lustre and glow.

ReFa's microcurrent are produced entirely from light energy - the solar panel located on the top of the roller handle absorbs sunlight or indoor light and converts it into a low level current that is emitted through the rollers to one's skin.

Due to the larger in-build solar panel of ReFa CARAT RAY, it is able to generate more microcurrents than other ReFa products, giving the user a radiant, youthful glow in a shorter period of time as well as a natural lifting effect.

ReFa FACE-UP cream
Price : S$72 (50g)

Designed to be used in conjunction with the ReFa facial rollers, the ReFa Face-up cream features the ReFa blend, an exclusive three-layered structure which comprises :

  1. a unique oil that spreads over the skin easily and protects it while ensuring smooth application of the rollers...
  2. a moisturizing gel that contains over 80% of water-soluble agents that allows for conductivity of mircocurrents to permeate the epidermis effectively and...
  3. three key nano beauty ingredients that gently penetrate deep into the dermis, providing it with tautness and suppleness.
The 3 ingredients are

The consistency of the ReFa Face-up cream feels like a gel-cream... quite moist and easy to spread out all over the skin...  When you use a roller over the cream, you can feel the "cool" feeling linger on the skin. Super nice and refreshing!

Here's are the rollers that have in their collection~

These 2 look really interesting!! I think I saw some youtuber using the one on the right
(look similar NOT sure is it the same brand!)

This is for the body~

ReFa CARAT RAY (Price : S$358)
ReFa Face-up cream (Price : S$72 for 50g)


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