ESPRIT at Zalora

I just realised that you can shop Esprit Singapore on Zalora!!! I remember I used to check out ESPRIT for their cardigans and bags. Now... I can do that online! So when I'm feeling lazy, I can just log on to Zalora and browse their collection.

Although it's not their full collection... but it's good enough for me to see what kind of style and collection they have put out recently.

These days, I have been checking out and spending more time toys stores, kids clothing and playground more often then clothing/makeup stores.

Well.. I do visit cafe, restaurant and any yummy food's places (Ginny love to eat too)... But my priority have changed, I wanna focus more on my niece (Ginny)... because kids grow up fast (I don't want to miss out on their innocent and fun age) and fashion/makeup can wait! lolx

Back to ESPRIT.. ... 
I zoom right into cardigans when I first check out the "store"

This long sleeve coat look nice.. but the color was a little light (I want black or dark color)

This Soft long sleeve cardigan sweater look really cute...
Not unique but still cute (too bad they are out of stock!)

I love the tone and color of this sweater... if only they have it in cardigan.. I'm quite big in size wearing something like that will make me look even bigger... No?

They have demin jackets too... for my size, it is not ideal to get it online, 
have to try it on to see if it fit!

I love long sleeve clothing...
This is black and simple~ me likey~

 They have swatches also.. 
I love watches although I don't wear it often.

This Talya silver water is soooooooo cute~ look at the stars~

Their bags collection was quite small... nothing scream buy me for the time being~

This tote bag is cute~

They even have men's collection online!!!

So do you like ESPRIT??


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