Vichy pH Balancing Thermal Water

I remember years back when I first learned about Vichy pH balancing thermal water (I have used the Vichy thermal water before I learned about their thermal springs water and how they build their lab around the springs and ects... learn more about it here) ... I was pretty impress and makes me love it even more! 

Now Vichy pH Balancing Thermal Water just got a facelift .......

Mine bottle of Vichy balancing thermal water was the old design.... I grab this picture off Vichy Singapore instagram.... Look so refreshing right?
This beauty elixir will helps to rebalances, fortifies and protects skin weakened by environmental aggressors with 15 rare, beneficial minerals.

Minerals are vital for the healthy balance of the skin. They are naturally present in the skin and fulfil key functions for metabolism, the skin's structure and its function. But day to day, through perspiration and desquamation, the skin loses minerals.

And what lost, is gone forever. The skin does not have the ability to produce minerals and therefore, it is essential to re-mineralize the skin.

The Vichy pH balancing thermal water is one of the richest mineral waters in France with the highest mineral diversity. It's 15 rare minerals include iron, potassium, calcium, manganese and even fluorine, lithium, bromine. Resulting in a truly beneficial water that re-balances the skin's pH level, fortifies and protects our skin from daily aggressors.

I know the ingredents are just WATER... but it's not tap water... it's the water from the Lucas Spring and contains 15 rare minerals. Even our tap water also contains minerals.

When I was dealing with allergy on my face... I always mask my swollen eyes with Vichy Balancing Thermal water. (Soak up a few cotton square.. I use Air-laid facial puffs from watsons. It's a lint free, air-laid non-woven fabric.)

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