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I don't think I'm a minimalist when come to footwear... I just don't own a lot as compare to most peoples I know. I'm the type of person that always wear the same pair of shoes over and over again (or having 2 pairs to rotate)...

I have been thinking about getting a new pair of shoes since my favourite pair of sneaker is going to retire on me soon (I saw a tiny hole on the side of the shoes!!!!).

I have a lot of fun browsing Zalora, because they always update and add in all kind of promotion that are so tempting that I will order something that wasn't on my "to-buy-list" (lolx)

I have 3 pairs of sneakers and I'm thinking about getting a pair of Sports shoes (for the comfort and protection).

The arch of my foot always feels a little aching or painful after I walk for a long period of time (walking is my main source of exercise... lolx #lazy)... so I think I need a better shoes (sneaker and flipflop don't provide much protection!) 

So I have been thinking about getting a pair of nike, because look at the pictures... they look so soft and comfortable. (I'm all about comfortable shoes!!!) I think I only wore nike during my secondary school days.... 

Nike Roshe One have some really simple, cute and comfort looking shoes
This sound really good - crafted with superior ventilation and cushioning (nice) and this is ultra-lightweight and breathable and can be wore without socks (so this shoes don't stink easily without wearing socks?)

Nike Women's Roshe One Running Shoes...
Pink one also look really cute.... I was thinking about getting a pair of grey or black shoes (hmmm....)

These 2 pairs (black and white) doesn't look as soft as compare to the 2 pairs I shown above... but they do look basic and cute.

I think I need more times to browse around... I have wide feet and choosing+buying shoes was NOT an easy task for me!! (lolx)

Beside Nike... what brands should I look into?? Have you all check out Superga some of their lastest releases are pretty cute!

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