Play with time with Martini this racing season

For the first time ever, Martini is offering everyone a chance to get up close to Williams Martini Racing car replica, these replicas are placed at CÉ LA VI, 1-Altitude, One Raffles Place and The Exchange. Take photos with these FW38 car replicas, share them on social media with #MartiniSG and stand a chance to win bottles of Martini and passes to some of F1’s hottest after parties.

Martini has also partnered with CÉ LA VI, 1-Altitude, and The Exchange to create 3 exclusive cocktails to especially for this F1 season

This August (2016), immerse yourself  in the Martini lifestyle to experience the Golden Hour through a series of celebrations that will unfold at Singapore’s most glamorous cocktail lounges – CÉ LA VI, 1-Altitude, and The Exchange

Martini,  a  proud  sponsor  of  the  Williams  Martini  Racing  Team,  has  partnered  with  three  iconic establishments to transform the sunset hour in Singapore. Reward your senses during the Martini Golden Hour by indulging in a refreshing signature cocktail and watching the sun go down over the breathtaking Singapore skyline and urban race track. Enjoy the minutes blending into hours as Martini draws you into an exclusive world of effortless style and passion. Get ready to play with time.  

Founded by three Italian friends in the mid-19th century, Martini has a heritage of over 150 years and has been made by generations of families dedicated to the brand. Living by its motto, “Volere é Potere” – where there is a will there is a way; and drawing on its longstanding Italian heritage, Martini possesses an innate sense of style and quintessential playfulness. It has since become a symbol of Italian glamour and sophistication. 

To celebrate the coming racing season, Martini and partners, CÉ LA VI, 1-Altitude, and The Exchange, will create their favourite Martini cocktails, but with a unique Singaporean twist. Tantalize your taste buds with bursts  of crisp  and fresh  flavours, while taking in the incredible  sights and sounds  of racing  and Singapore. Each signature cocktail is guaranteed to thrill your senses in a way that only the racing season can, especially when enjoyed with friends. 

For the first time in its history in Singapore, Martini is offering everyone a chance to get up close to a
Williams Martini Racing car replica. The Williams Martini Racing FW38 car replicas will be placed at iconic locations in the heart of the city, allowing the public a once in a lifetime opportunity to see one of these beautiful machines in all its glory.

Take a break from the excitement of the races with a signature cocktail at the heart of city. Martini cocktails are great for winding down after a day out and about, and also perfect for getting the evening started on the right foot.

CÉ LA VI is one of Singapore’s iconic rooftop locations that commands exquisite views of the Marina Bay city skyline, while 1-Altitude boasts a spectacular 360˚ panoramic view of Singapore from its rooftop gallery and bar. The Exchange is a modern chic bistro and bar, a hidden gem within the award-winning Asia Square. These three locations provide an unparalleled view and access to the famed urban race track and festivities, as you sip on your special Martini classics.

*Do not drink and drive

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