OPI X Disney Alice thru the looking glass limited edition - The I's Have it

It's Monday already!!! (12.30am now).... I've been sleeping all Sunday, trying to feel better from a cold I got on Friday (running nose on a sinus person is NO fun)! I feel much better now, just that I'm having migraine from all the sleep and not forgetting aching stiff body (really #lazypeopleproblems lolx.)

So, I'm so wide awake now... maybe I will watch the latest episode of Running man and eat something hot and soupy (ramen!) lolx

Here's another simple post of the new OPI x Disney Alice thru the looking glass limited edition - The I's Have it swatches.

I'm not really good at shaping my nails, plus my fingers are so dry from eczema (still dealing with the dryness) ... please excuse all that and just look at the pretty color against my skin~

In this collection, they have another darker blue "Fearlessly Alice" ... I like both but I'm into lighter shades lately, so I pick "The I's Have it" over "Fearlessly Alice"

The colors from this whole collection wasn't that unique but it's the colors that I will want to apply on my nails (it's simple and fun shades - and the tone doesn't look weird against my skin tone)

What color should I try next....I will try the berry tone one "What's the hatter with you?" next

OPI available at selected Watsons Singapore

Nail's swatches of the "Oh My Majesty"

OPI is available at Watsons Singapore
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