OPI X Disney Alice thru the looking glass limited edition - Oh My Majesty

Lately, I find it really hard to sit down and do an average length (long?) blog entry where I used to do... I really don't know what happened!! Just that I don't have the patience and I can't seem to concentrate. (It's either I'm getting older or I have too much stuff going on in my tiny brain that I cannot function properly! lolx)

So I decided to go back to the very beginning, where I post very short entries... like swatches.. random buy... random rambling .. you know simple stuff. (I still very into makeup and skincare... I play with makeup all the time, I just don't have the mood to take pics and edit them! lolx)

Recently, OPI launched a set of limited edition collection where they collaborate with Disney for the NEW movie "Alice thru the looking glass" ..... The first color I've tried (caught my eyes) was the "Oh my majesty!"

Oh My Majesty! is a beautiful pearly alabaster shade - pearly white with pink sheen.
(Why the indoor lighting/no flash pic.. the pearly white look a little like a very pale lilac shade~ I took so many shots of it and all look around the same.. so I tried to tune the tone.. fail!!! )

Not a unique or special shade... but it's somethings simple, white and pearly yet not too stark. And I'm loving the pinky sheen~

This shade was a little sheer... I applied 2 coats
(I believe 3 coats will look much better~)

Please excuse my ugly nails - the dryness is serious (normal hand cream will irritate my skin, so I can only use medicated cream or hand cream without alcohol/fragrance). 

I'm like 90% recovery from hand's eczema (now I'm just dealing with dryness... happy~)

If you wanna see how ugly and serious my hand/fingers used to be click here, but at your own risk hor (don't say I never give warning!!)

Close-up... do you see the pink sheen (the mica/shimmers wasn't that obvious)

I was trying to do a short blog post... end up I took way too many pics and all look a little different... so I just uploaded almost everythings~ lolx

Each bottle retails at S$16.90
There's some pack deals~

OPI is available at Watsons Singapore
For more information please visit OPI.com

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