Do you skorts?

When it comes to clothing, I'm not those adventurous type!! I'm more of a jeans and T-shirt type of person. And when I wear a dress or skirt... it's usually those plain plain type. I'm not into prints either (I like seeing them on others but not on myself).

When I was browsing thru Zalora (yes, I love checking out Zalora every now and then to see what they have on offer and ects - they do have some pretty great deal going on from time to time.) ... they always have models to do different poses on a piece of clothing to show you how it look like from different angle.

Skorts... do you all wear skorts? My memories on skorts are they look like a skirt in front and shorts at the back! (Which I don't really like~ I have thick thighs and shorts just makes me feel really uncomfortable!)

So when I was checking out Skorts online ... I saw that Skorts look like skirts these day. Where have I been??? I feel like a tortoise in the well!!! Lolx

They look quite cute right?? I think I may consider getting one to try it out! 

The one above... I like!! The wave-y hem look quite nice!

This dress is kinda like a shirt tie around the waist~  

I love reading, watching fashion (especially fashion related TV shows - like project runway!!) and I'm not the type of person that will wear "stylish" clothing. I enjoy easy and relaxing type of clothing but that doesn't means I won't try them out (right?)

I guess I'm more adventurous on makeup!! I love colorful eye shadows and I don't mind wearing thick bold eyeliner!! Lolx... and lately, I start to enjoy wearing hot hot hot PINK lipstick ... kekekeke~

Peoples always say Basic is boring... 
but basic makes me feel comfortable and confident. So anything that makes one feel confident is NEVER boring. Be yourself and try not to be stylish or fashionable for the sake of being one. 

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