Review : The Pure Beauty Youth Restore lift & Nourish Firming eye cream

Recently, I got some really awesome eye creams that I cannot wait to try, but I have to finish what I'm using first (right?). Why I only have ONE FACE????

I have been using The Pure Beauty Youth Restore lift & Nourish Firming eye cream for quite sometimes already (this tube of 15ml eye cream last me about 3mths.), and it's about time for me to share my thought (review).

I haven't been trying a lot of eye creams lately - especially this year! I have allergy on the last week of Feb 2016 and I have been using JUST La Roche Posay Cicaplast on my whole face (yes including the skin around my eyes) ... Cicaplast is a really awesome products for allergy and skin that will get irritated easily - it helps to speed up skin recovery and at the same time keeping it hydrated. (But it doesn't helps much in all kind of skin issues like wrinkles, fine lines, acne .. )

So when I find that my skin have become more stable and start to feel like normal (mine kind of normal.. since my skin always get irritated easily)... I start to add in skin friendly products into my skincare routine.

I start using Pure Beauty Youth Restore lift & Nourish Firming eye cream - I should start with just a very basic hydrating eye cream instead... BUT I saw this in my pile of new products and I want to try this (and this eye cream contains a lot of good ingredients)

This product is Paraben Free, Lanolin Free and Alcohol Free

The Pure Beauty Youth Restore lift & Nourish Firming range has been specially formulated with a combination of powerful antioxidant ingredients to help rejuvenate our skin and restore radiance.

Their multi-functional anti-aging system uses Liftonin, Red Ginseng peptide and vitamin-rich Noni fruit extract to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Sea grapes (green caviar) extract, Blue Lotus extract, bulgarian rose water and certified organic extracts, provide nourishment, hydrate and calm your skin and alleviate the signs of aging.

  • The eye cream feel pretty light yet moisturizing enough not to feel too drying around the eye area.
  • Eye cream feel pretty nice on the skin around the eye area...   
  • Doesn't irritate the skin
  • After using for a while, I do notice those tired lines under the eyes near the inner corner/nose doesn't look so deep and tired
  • fine lines look less deep and not so obvious.
    I don't have wrinkle (I think, lolx) so no comment on that
  • As for dark circles.. I find that the skin does look brighter, but my dark circle still hanging around (I have sinus, so the dark circle are quite deep due to lack of blood circulation - I can't do eye massage because my skin get irritated easily. So I don't really care much on reducing dark circle)
  • Has a soft sweet floral scent
    (I think it smell like rose but not really.. I'm really bad at describing scent!!! lolx)
 Overall, this is a pretty nice simple eye cream for any skin type... I have pretty dry skin (dry combination skin) and I sleep in air-con room. And this eye cream doesn't feel too heavy on the skin yet moisturizing enough for tired skin.

Ingredients list of Pure Beauty Youth Restore lift & Nourish Firming eye cream

Pure Beauty Youth Restore lift & Nourish Firming eye cream 
is available exclusive at selection Watsons (Singapore)

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