Be inspired to dream again at SK-II Dream Park

On Friday, headed down to Takashimaya basement 2 to check out the SK-II Dream Park. This is the 2nd wave of SK-II campaign "Get inspired to #dreamagain". It's a very fun and interesting campaign. The dream park will be open from 21st July ti 27th July 2016

There's a few photo "booth" (a bit like Alive Museum type!) kinda backdrop for you to take pictures~


I've builded my own "dream garden" at the event~ 

Rebecca lim was there to celebrate the opening of SK-II dream park and share with us her dream and ects~

Oh... the lighting at the Dream Park was pretty good~ 
a lot of nice backdrop for you to take selfies~
See... Ming ( and I took some ~ kekekekeke

So... are you following your dream??
I am a very short-sighted person, I don't have much dreams 

I remember when I was in primary school... I wanna be a street artist (like drawing).. but then... just because I enjoy drawing doesn't means I'm good at drawing... I'm just the type of person that kinda know a lot of stuff and not very details type! lolx

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