3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus

This is a post that are not related to beauty... but this is something that I would like to share ~

Recently, 3M introduces their latest model of disposable mop. 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus to make every clean-up at home a more efficient and pleasurable one.

I always use wet wipes to clean my floor, table, wall and any surface. I have dogs and they sleep in my room so there are always furs around. If I go by one day without cleaning the floor or surface... it will look super dust.

For me, disposable mop are way more easy to use in my room as compare to vacuum cleaner and wet mop (my dog love biting and chasing after vacuum plus my cute niece - she don't like the sound of our vacuum cleaner). Save me a lot of time and energy! (I'm lazy... I need more time for me not to do anything~ lolx)

Improving the cleaning experience into one that is more efficient, it features a new mop plate design – an arched shape to create a ‘suction’ effect while sweeping for a stronger hold on dust, and a honeycombed pattern design to trap and retain more dirt in one single sweep than other mops.

Offering flexibility, convenience and a sense of empowerment suited for a modern lifestyle that includes having children or pets, the latest launch from the No.1 Home Cleaning brand in Singapore aims to translate the time used to clean, into more time spent with the ones we love.

The new curved and raised cushion pad is the first of its kind that creates a "suction" effect for a stronger hold on smaller particles such as minute dirt and dust. It also pushes into contact a wider surface area of the wipes with the floor, enabling more dust and dirt to be trapped evenly across the wipe instead of solely accumulating on the sides.

In addition to providing a scrubbing effect which translates to less energy required, the honeycomb design that forms a hexagonal pattern also effectively picks up smaller microbial organisms that typically cause common coughs and colds at home.

The flexible head with a bigger mop plate is also able to rotate 360defrees to reach hard to clean corners of the house with easier control, control covering more ground in the same amount of effort. Furthermore with a lightweight and longer mop stick of adjustable height, cleansing is made simpler in every way.

No assembly required, the refillable wipes are easily attached to the head, ready for use in just seconds.

The wet wipes are 99% antibacterial, ensuring that bacteria and germs are not only destroyed but their growth inhibited as well.

I really enjoy using the wet wipes is pretty wet and I only need one piece to clean the floor in my room.

The specially coated electrostatic sheet (dry wipes) helps to attract hair and loose dust particles. I always use dry wipe to clean my computer table, tv screen and computer screen (stick up dust and fur on the surface really well!)

Value pack (3 pax - 20pcs in each pax)

The 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus
Price : S$23.95 (inclusive of 5 sheets of dry refills)
All products are available from 1st July 2016 onwards

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