Watches for the summer

Watches are part of our daily accessories and we like to pair it up with different types of arm candies to dress up our wrist. So what type of watches to y'all like to wear in the summer (Which is all year round in Singapore).

I like big watches or men's watch because they make my wrist look small and cute. Chronograph watches are so cute and stylish these day and they work well with simple bracelet and wristband ... below are some of my favourite type of chronograph watches from Seiko.

Loving the combination of rough metal and silicone band - The sporty chic look of this watch will make simple T-shirt with jeans or short look chic.

This gold, silver and black combination is my favourite  - it can pair with casual wear or formal wear
(I don't wear formal outfit... so I have no idea how this will look on me with formal wear! lolx)

In summer or in Singapore, we like to wear short sleeve or sleeveless due to our hot and humid weather and we show our arms more often then we want to. Summer outfits are the best outfit to style up our arms with watch and all kind of chic and cute bracelets.

I like to wear simple outfit, plain black t-shirt (blouse) and jeans, pants or skirt (usually black).. so with some bling, watch and bracelet will make my simple outfit look more fun and cute... don't you think so??

Peoples love to wear colorful and bright outfits in the summer, I am quite a boring person, I don't quite like wearing loud colors nor prints  - I only wear bright colors on my eyelids, on my feet (love bright and colorful shoes) or on my nails. (lolx)

If you are those who love bright colorful clothing, the more basic the watch have to be. Else it will be a little too much. (Right?)

This Seiko Black Ion plated 3 hands watch look so sleek!!!