NEW Home-grown natural beauty brand - Candela Cosmetics

In May (2016), attended the launched of the NEW home-grown natural beauty brand Candela Cosmetics. It's a makeup line founded by a 17 year old student entrepreneur and Youtuber Erin Alessandra Jung (Youtube : BeautyWithErin).

Sorry for opening the blog post with our "moon-face" .... it's always super fun to attend launches with my bff because I won't feel lonely.

Lately (well.. for the past few months), I have been thinking about many things... although I still very into blogging, but I kinda hate the idea of being a beauty blogger. I wish to be the girl that used to have a blog when I start blogging (back in 1997- random blogging la, I talk all kind of nonsense on the internet!)

And this beauty blogging start to wear me out because it's not fun anymore (it's used to be super fun back in 2009... now, it's just getting more and more 空虚).... I'm still love makeup and doing skincare review... BUT I don't like the idea of being a beauty blogger anymore... I want to be that girl who has a blog!! 

I don't want to be a lifestyle blogger (and can never be a lifestyle blogger) because I'm not sharing my lifestyle on the internets.... I only share my interests and hobbies. 

Anyway.. it's just 空话 because I have no idea what I want now... so I just take one step at a time, enjoying my life while I blog and share the stuff that interests me.

Back to Candela Cosmetics
The brand was created with the concerns of the busy modern women who often time-strapped in juddling different roles in life in mind, Candela Cosmetics prides itself in offering natural and non-comedogenic products that don't compromise on color payoff, as well as challenging the long-time negative beauty stereotype that leaving makeup overnight is bad for the skin.

Unlike other products that are mrketed as "natural" but still contain various artificial and sometimes harsh chemical additives, Candela Cosmetics products are free from silicones and parabens, while still maintaining the high pigmentation and excellent color payoff of a high-end product. Furthermore, because Candela Cosmetics believes in focusing on maintaining the long-term health of the skin instead of short-term fixes, the makeup is formulated to be nourishing to skin sucj that you can even sleep in it just like you would a night cream.

Invigorating coconut water foundation
Price : S$60
 A weightless liquid foundation with buildable coverage, formulated with hydrating coconut water and soy-rice peptides, small protein chains that are proven to reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles by 35% after 8 weeks of application.

Coconut water has fantastic anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties which treat acne, rosacea and dermatitis.

Available in 3 shades : 
Cinnamon (a deep warm brown tone)
Cider (a medium golden shade)
Chiffon (a pale yellow)

Personally, I find that the shades look a bit too weird to be foundation shade... they are really light in texture and the lightest shade (Chiffon( can work on my skin tone or as highlight shade for darker skin tone. As for the other two... I have no comment... the shade just look too extreme (don't you think??) maybe it work well when we mix shades together??

The Luxe Moisture Lipstick (Vegan)
Price : S$28

Formulated with moisturizing mango butter and shea butter. Aim to lock in moisture for hours at a time and protect the lips against harmful elements.

Guava (soft peach pink with 24k gold shimmer)
Chase (matte tan marsala color)
Iconic (Bold metallic burgundy)

The Perfecting Creme Blush
Price : S$38

A highly pigmented creme formula, infused with lemon extract to give us that healthy glow. Unlike other cream blushes, which can often feel heavy or greasy.  Candela Cosmetics blushes are formulated with the lightest non-comodogenic oils and non-micronized pigments, which make Candela Cosmetics blushes feel as light as second skin.

Pacific coral
(Warm and punchy tangerine-coral color with a gentle golden shimmer)

(A sheer satin cool-toned pink color)

Fire & Spice 
(a deep brick red shade with 24K gold shimmer, neutralized with cool cranberry reflects)

Jones ( Erin Alessandra Jung (Founder of Candela Cosmetics) and ME me me!

Jones and Me again~

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