Chosungah Ver 22 Available in Singapore SaSa

Loving that more makeup brands from all over the world are coming to Singapore - Chosungah Ver.22 a Pop Korean makeup brand had make it way to Singapore and they will be available exclusively at Sasa.

In this post, will be showing you some of the products that you can find at Sasa and their pricing~

This is their mascara and brow set
(Not too sure about the price of this)

Super cute right? It's in a highlighter shape!!!!!

Chosungah Brow Maker (available in 3 shades)
Price : S$34

Brow mascara come in 3 shades~

Rocking Volume Mascara S$34

Chosungah Flavourful Lipstick
Price : S$32 (the first 3 on the left)

Chosungah  Dazzling Lips
Price : S$35 (last 2 from the right)

Left to right
Dazzling Lips Glow and Hush Pink - Flavourful Lipstick in Get red/ The Orange / Viva Pink

Chosungah Dual Lip Tint & Gloss
Price : S$32

Chosungah Fullmoon Party
Price : S$28

Chosungah Real Cheek Smoother
Price : S$31

This is quite smooth~

Chosungah Dong Gong Minn
Jello COlor Kit
Price : S$60

Chosungah Bounce-Up Pact XS
Price : S$55 (available in 2 shades)

They do have more different type of foundation and cream base products~

Their cleansing products are pretty interesting too!

Chosungah Fresh Ade Cleanser
Price : S$37

Chosungah Wonder Juice
(oothing toner with sweet fruit scents that restores hydration to the dry skin)
Price : S$43

Chosungah Mint CC Cream
Price : S$43

Chosungah C&T Blend
Price ::S$88 (available in 2 shades)

Chosungah C&T Blend Fresh Mix
Price :: S$58 (available in 2 shades)

I will take sometimes to get thru and play with these products... will do review when I tried them out for awhile~ (hopefully, I won't be too lazy to blog~ lolx)

Chosungah Ver22 is available exclusively at Sasa Singapore and Sasa selectiv

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