BlackMores Radiance Marine Q10

When aging start giving you problem, beside trying to take care of ourself with good diet, sleeping habit and visiting doctor (Western or TCM)... You can always try out supplements!

So recently, I've received a bottle of  BlackMores Radiance Marine Q10 (have been trying it out for a while now) and I'm quite excited to try it because my skin NEED it! Hope this will helps to nourishes my skin.

My skin health is quite weak now from the eczema/allergy episode plus my skin is aging also.... everytimes I have some issue with my skin (body or face) it always took a long time for it to feel normal again. So hopefully with the aid of supplements, diet and acupuncture, I won't have to deal with another episode of skin issue soon!

After checking out the ingredients on this, I agree to give this a try... since all the ingredients in the BlackMores Radiance Marine Q10 are pretty skin friendly and they all works good on making skin feel nice and pretty!

Supplement isn't new but choosing the right one make a huge different! But I do wanna point it out that .... what works for me may not work for you~ So you gonna know your own body, condition and remember to do some research on the type of supplements that YOU need.

Ageing skin is caused by the thinning of blood vessels and the different layers of the skin. Structural changes in skin proteins, such as collagen and elastin, promote the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, these processes are hastened by exposure to UV radiation, air pollution, smoke, high temperatures and poor nutrition.

BlackMores Radiance marine Q10 ::
- Nourish the deeper layers of skin to keep it healthy (something we cannot do with JUST skincare)
- Supports normal cellular antioxidant activity
- Contains 10 ingredients including marine collagen CoQ10 and antioxidants

· Grape seed extract plays an important role in the cross-linking of collagen fibres, thereby helping to strengthen the collagen matrix of the skin.

· Marine proteins, such as fish collagen, are rich sources of amino acids which help to repair damaged cells and promote collagen synthesis.

· Co-enzyme Q10 encourages collagen synthesis by reducing the production of collagenase, an enzyme that destroys collagen fibres in the skin layer.

Just need to take one capsule per day!!!

Ingredients list of BlackMores Radiance Marine Q10

After trying the BlackMores Radiance Marine Q10 for sometimes ...  I did not experience any skin irritation,  my skin start to feel a little better and they don't feel dry and itchy often. (I need to remind myself to drink MORE water... to helps in detox whatever nonsense building up in my body)

The most important thing -  I feel good, when I feel good everything will start to feel good too! So I totally enjoying taking the BlackMores Radiance Marine Q10 supplement.

Before I try the BlackMores Radiance Marine Q10, I have been thinking about trying their Evening Prim Rose. Personally, I have been taking evening primrose for about 3 years (different brands) and So I wanna try their Evening Primrose since I have good experience with BlackMores.

BlackMores is available at Watsons, Guardian and some major supermarkets.

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