Dr.Ci:Labo Super 100 Series - create your own moisturizer

Few weeks ago, I had an enjoyable lunch date with a few bloggers and the peoples from Dr.Ci:Labo (sister brand - Labo Labo). It's a small gathering to know about each others and also learn more about the brand. (I'm always in for good foods and learning about new stuff!)

Skincare is getting more and more fun and interesting. I'm not very good at ingredients (I just kinda know a little bit of what my skin may like and benefit from it.). And I totally love the idea of creating/mixing my own moisturizer!  I means without giving up your favourite moisturizer, all I have to do by adding a few drops of EGF/Collagen/Hyaluronic acid for that extra boost without changing my favourite moisturizer.

Introducing Dr.Ci:Labo Super 100 Series~

This creating own mix type of skincare wasn't new... I used to add oil and serum to my moisturizer or foundation to create that extra dewy/hydrating boost. BUT the stuff I added in wasn't as "pure" like this Super 100 series (the serum or oil was like an hydrating/whitening/anti-aging type of product.. it's consider a "range" (pre-moisturizer step) not for "boosting" or "ingredient" type of product like this Dr.Ci:Labo Super 100 series).

This got me excited~
My skin wasn't in their top condition as compare to a few years ago... so choosing skincare wasn't an easy task for me. I need good products that give me moisture, build up my skin and give me collagen. A product that won't irritate my weak and somewhat sensitive skin.

Hyaluronic acid (For moisturizing/water retention)
Price : S$32 (30ml) / S$56 (60ml)
A 100% undiluted hyaluronic acid essence with exceptional water retention capabilities that increases the moisture content of the stratum corneum. This hyaluronic acid is refined using bui-technology involving fermentation using lactococcus bacteria.

Marine-Collagen (For moisturizing/elasticity/resilience)
Price : S$40 (30ml)

Dr.Ci:Labo collagen-based beauty essence keeps the skin moist, firm and supple. Collagen can be found in the skin's basement membrane and dermis and accounts for as much as 70% of the latter. This protein is a vital compound that helps keep the skin's functions intact. Dr.Ci:Labo essence contains fish-derived water-soluble collagen (salmon ovaries). It provides effective moisturizing care for fine lines due to dryness and noticeable enlarged pores on the cheek due to the aging of skin.

EGF (For moisturizing / skin renewal)
Price : S$53 (10ml)

This beauty essence promotes skin cell renewal and keeps the skin moisturized, firm and smooth. It is effective against acne scars and skin dullness, tightening pores and keeping skin balanced and clear. This essence contains a rich concentration of epidermal growth factor (EGF), which helps reduce newly-developing wrinkles.

EGF is a compound found in human body, but it begins to decrease from age 20 on. This diminishing varies by person, but in general, by age 40, most people will have only one-half to one-third of the EGF they started with. When EGF decreases, the skin's natural turnover process slows down, meaning skin renewal starts to lag. Once that happens, the stratum corneum thickens and causes wrinkles to appear. In other words, EGF plays a large role in the slowing down of turnover cycles as we age!

Vitamin c (For whitening / tightening of pores)
Price : S$39 (10ml)

An essence containing 10%VC-IP (oil-soluble Vitable C derivative) that enhances the clarity of the skin, tightens pores and leaves skin brighter. VC-IP is exceptionally stable and capable of permeating the skin. enhancing the elasticity of the skin and tightening the pores from the inside. It also has exceptional brightening properties.

Whitening ingredient that suppresses melanin production, preventing dark spots and freckles from sun exposure. Also aides in collagen production.

Placenta (For total beauty)
Price : S$44 (10ml)

Rich in vital nutrients that the skin progressively loses with age, Dr.Ci:Labo beauty essence increases the skin's natural moisture, firmness and clearness. It contains marine placenta from nfish and moisture-retaining compounds that will make your skin young again. Placenta is a substance essential to fetal growth, and as such is rich in nutrients that adults can also benefit from.


You can mix any or a few of the above essence into Labo Labo gel to boost whatever skin concerns you want~ (Labo Labo Super-Moist Gel will be available in April and I will be doing a giveaway and review post soon~)

I will give these (selected - not all of them la.. have to see which one suit my skin) a try for a period of time.. I may do a review when I'm not too lazy~ (lolx)

Dr.Ci:Labo and Labo Labo are available at their ION Store at #B3-41 Ion Orchard
(tel no. 6238-8395)

Selected Watsons :
Anchorpoint/ Bugis Junction/ Bukit Panjang Plaza/ Causeway Point/ ION/ JEM/ NEX/ Ngee Ann City/ Parkway Parade/Toa Payoh Hub/  Westgate/ West Mall

You can also get Labo Labo at their online store :

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