Eat your way to beautiful hair

Having beautiful hair nowadays wasn't hard to achieve with all kind of treatments. But if you don't like chemical... you can change your diet. Spices and herbs are power foods that will not only benefit your health... they are great haircare's foods too.

I have peoples asking me what I used to have manageable hair, I know gene was part of it since I don't use much products on my hair (I only shampoo my hair! lolx) .... but any good gene will be gone if I don't maintain it right??

So here are some simple stuff I do ::

  • I have to shampoo my hair daily because my hair can get really oily. So I always find shampoo that is mild and give me volume. I like balancing shampoo.
  • I have eczema skin, so I always avoid hot shower (I use luke warm water to shower and wash my hair). Hot water will dry up your skin and hair.
  • I always shampoo my scalp (focusing on scalp not hair ends... too much shampoo on hair tips will dry much your hair~)
  • I have somewhat oily hair - so I always skip conditioner (remember only shampoo can touch your scalp ... anything else will clog up your pores and causes hair loss)
  • Try not to use too much heat on your hair (hair tools will drys up your hair and cause damaging)
  • DO NOT comb your hair when it's wet (wet hair breaks easily!!!)

  • If your have dry hair - apply oil on hair tips and then seal it up with leave on conditioner (I enjoy doing this when I bleach my hair~)
  • If you have weak hair, multi-vitamin will helps in strengthen your hair and everything else. (Find a good supplement that suit your life-style and diet)
  • I have been taking Evening Primrose oil, because of my eczema conditions... this not only helps to moisturizer my body, I read that evening primrose oil helps to prevent hair loss.

    Evening primrose oil is very good for health - they not only helps to treat all sorts of skin conditions, they can reduce itchiness on skin causes by eczema, helps in healing. It also will helps in joint pain and swelling. Oh.. evening primrose also can be used for treating acne.

So do you have any great hair care tips to share??
Always love to learn more about stuff I can do to give me good healthy hair  (^_^)

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