Comfortable shoes bring you to happy places

Years ago, I find that platform, heels and wedges are the most comfortable footwear. They make walking fun and really comfortable plus it add some height on (my not so tall 164cm)height... I can't never wear flipflop or flats as I find them really uncomfortable.  (Don't ask me why... maybe I have flat feet? hahahaha

But these few years, maybe because I put on weight/aging/shoes not as well made as compare to before.... my feet cannot take heels anymore (comfortable 2 inches, I still can work it... lolx).

I agree with this article I read about women's footwear...because I find that sneakers are the most comfortable shoes. I can wear it anywhere and it goes well with all the clothing I own!!!

I don't usually wear formal clothing (maybe I don't go out often~), I don't go clubbing and I spend most of my time at home, cafe, shopping or walking my dogs (I know!!! I'm a boring person.. BUT I'm a happy boring person! lolx) so wearing a sneaker (it's a cover up) and it can take you to places where open toes shoes or flipflop can't... that's good enough for me.

I'm not a dressy person, I like jeans, tights, skirt (tight long skirt) with t-shirt (usually long sleeve), blouse and cardigans... I don't really enjoy wearing prints, but if I do.. I WILL always wear an outer wear to cover most of it! lolx

My favourite brand is Converse.. I have wide feet and they fit so well with my feet shape... 

 (See "above" wide feet!!!)

I like Superga design (so simple and cute) but their shoes wasn't as comfortable as compare to Converse. (if your feet not so wide, they can be really comfortable.)

Oh, and most of my clothing are BLACK!!! I like red and blue... but I keep buying black or very dark navy blue tops! I just feel comfortable and feel good in black outfits!!!

Did I ever mentioned that I LOVE cardigans?? Don't ask me why... cardigans are love!! They make me look good (I think I look good in them) and they goes so well with anything!!!!

Flat boots, ballet flats and wedges are some of the shoes I've tried before and I really enjoying boots and wedges... I have never tried loafers before, after reading the post (link above) and I do some googling... I WANT A PAIR!!! lolx

You are more happy walking, working, shopping with a pair of comfortable and pretty shoes! So don't torture your poor feet since they have to carry your whole weight and bring you to places!!!