Saturday, February 13, 2016

NUXE White NEW Brightening Renewing Night Cream

I'm not a fan of whitening products... BUT, I do love products that will give me transparent, rosy and brightening skin. Being fair with dull skin can be really sad (I means I feel sad la.. not that everyone will feel the same.. kekeke~)!

Anyway, NUXE recently added a new member to their NUXE White range - NUXE White Brightening Renewing Night Cream.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016


Sorry for the lack of update... my fingers irritation on both of my hands, due to stress (or whatever reasons that I'm not sure of) + eczema conditon have been blocking me from doing anything!! I have been relying on my mum or anyone around me to help me do stuff ... (and I miss my healthy fingers that I used to abuse - we NEED healthy fingers to do anything, from as simple as opening packaging! I have to wear glove to shower because without the glove - I can cry while washing my hair!)

Anyway... my fingers still look damn ugly,  but they are so much better as compare to last week! I can type without feeling pain (^_^)

This post have been siting in my draft 2 weeks ago (waiting for me to add in text) and NOW, finally I feel good enough to touch my keyboard without crying in pain! (Ok... I exaggerated a bit la! lolx)   
Ok, this post has nothing to do with my condition (I just wanna voiced it out la~), I have eczema, and anything skin related will make it so much worse then normal healthy skin person.

Back to the topic of this blog post, 
Back in December (the first week of Dec 2016), attended the launch and introduction of Puressentiel. The brand itself sound pretty good and I remember back then I was excited about their products become - I have sick little girl at home and the Puressentiel Purifying spray sound like an upgraded/more natural air spray from Dettol disinfectant spray.