Tokyo Luxey Beauty Journey

Last month, has a nice little dinner gathering with the peoples from Tokyo Luxey... I got to catch with with some friends, have yummy foods, enjoy video clips of Japan and learned about some new interesting products.

And at the end of the dinner session, we got to bring home some goodies that they brought over from Japan.

One of the brand they introduce us were LB Cosmetics...
I have tried some of their products before and you can get LB Cosmetics at Selected Watsons. I strongly recommend their LB Cosmetics essential mineral foundation (review)... I used it during my very low skin period, when my skin can be irritated easily (red, itchy and flaky) and this foundation doesn't cause much issue for me! ^_^

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LB Cosmetics Powder brow fix

LB Cosmetics cream blush

舞妓美人 豆乳はちみつぱっく Whitening face cream (sleeping mask)
I have never heard about this brand 舞妓美人 before... but after googled it and it sound pretty good~ (I will give this a try after I finish-up whatever I'm using at the moment)

アイケイ Perfect White CC Base (イソス夕ソト美白)
Never heard about this brand also... wonder how this will work in our weather~

KOWA Dr.Nail Deep Serum for Nail strengthening
(interesting.. I need since my nails look horrible.)

KOWA Dr.nail ::

Tenerita Organic Towel - a popular gift to get for newborns in Japan

Tenerita Organic Towel ::

We got to choose between Eyes warming massage or Facial Steamer from Panasonic (I learned that both products are kinda like a "steaming" gadgets and I don't think I will be able to use it... I have eczema skin,  I can't do hot bath (onsen), hot shower or anything with stream because it will irritate my skin.)

Going to give this to someone else ~
(see they want it.. if they don't want it maybe I do a giveaway on this - no promises)

Panasonic Facial Ionic steamer ::

There this Beauty Journey Tour package by H.I.S Singapore - the pricing are so worth it...  Please head over to their website for more details if you are thinking about visiting Japan.

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