Live.Laugh.Love and Young@heart attraction at Alive Museum

Alive Museum, I'm back for the 2nd time on 30th December!!
Last goofy trip of 2015!

Did you know that Alive Museum Singapore renew their attraction yearly? This year they added in 2 brand new zones... "Live.Laugh.Love" and "Young@heart" which I'm sure we can have a lot of fun taking posing and taking pics with our bff/family.

Before I get to the new attraction... This trip was Ariya's first visit to the Alive Museum... so we got have some goofy random "ugly" shots~ lolx

"Couple" shot

We don't really NEED to follow direction to get the fun shot right? 
Isn't this cute too! Wahahahahah

1 + 1 = <3

Here come the new attraction set

(Did you see "someone" photobomb me?)

So we love love love tonight~

Young @ Heart set

My very first visit to Alive Museum ::

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