Crème Simon Spring beauty tips by Larry Yeo

I'm not someone who are fashion forwards or following the trends... I just wear and do whatever that makes me feel comfortable. Being comfortable give me a sense of confident... so that's good enough for me (right????).  BUT... I do enjoy watching/reading about new trends, because I might see somethings that I like or inspire me to be BETTER.

Having a blog like this means I have a lot of chances to attend beauty workshops and most of these workshops are open to public. If you are interested just follow your favourite brand's Facebook Page.

Crème Simon's Facebook Page always have all kind of update from tips, workshop to special offers! So a few weeks ago (sorry for the lack of updates.. Just feel so tired lately that I don't have the energy to do any blogging), attended the Crème Simon Spring beauty Bloom workshop held at Robinsons Raffles City.

Larry Yeo (makeup artist/skincare expert) was there to introduce instant brightening tips with Crème Simom’s Brightening Detox range that was specially formulated for our unique hot and humid climate. At the workshop, he also shared spring makeup looks/tips that they could recreate ourselves for the coming Lunar New Year!

Spring Beauty Tip #1
Scrub away dead skin cells to always reveal newer skin to give your skin clarity. Scrub two to three times a week, each time about 20-30seconds to allow skin to renew faster! This will also allow better absorption of skincare products and lift years off your skin!

Larry advises against the common mistake of warming the skin to open up facial pores before applying products as it is likely to cause acne or pimples. For sensitive skin type, mix the highly raved Gentle Double Exfoliation Scrub with Oxygenating Foaming Cleanser in a 30:70 proportion for a hydrating deep cleansing wash.

Spring Beauty Tip #2
Never overwash face with warm water as it will strip skin of its moisture, resulting in redness, severe pigmentation, irritation bumps and unwanted shine on the face. For makeup users and women with active lifestyle, moisten baby wipes with Micellar Water Makeup Remover and wipe the whole face in one direction to refresh skin, remove excess makeup, waterproof sunscreen and debris from the face.

My personal tips for eczema or very sensitive skin : 
Try not to use warm water to shower or wash your face - I usually use room temperature water (just out from the tap) to wash my face and a little bit warmer water (so that it don't feel so cold) to shower to prevent skin from irritation/drying out. 

Spring Beauty Tip #3
Prep your skin by spritzing the multi-awardwinner Dermo-Hydrating Toner Mist in “+” and “X” motion and gently glide fingers from the centre of the face to the sides to increase absorption. The fine mist will replenish skin’s moisture level and cools sunburnt areas, leaving it supple and fully hydrated. It can also be used as a makeup setting spray and sprayed on hair to tame hair ends.

Next, spread on one full pump of Dermo-Activ Floral Serum in moist palms and massage into face in an outwards motion starting from the nose. The highly concentrated serum targets pigmentation, provides maximum hydration and calms redness. Finally, blot off excess product with a facial tissue.

Spring Beauty Tip #4
Apply the non-greasy and intensively hydrating, Crème Universelle, under the eyes and nasal folds to plump up fine lines. Packed with Shea Butter as one of the active moisturising ingredients, it can be applied on the dry, chapped lips as lip balm for healthy-looking lips.

For blemish-prone skin, focus your application of the healing cream on areas with dry pimples and let it sit for 30 seconds before massaging it in to soften skin.

I never used the Creme universelle under the eye area before!! Interesting tip and I will give it a try.

Last year.. when my skin was pretty sensitive due to the allergy episode I had, I used the creme universelle all over my face as my day & night moisturizer... it's work wonder, my skin doesn't have any irritation and it feels nice on my skin! 

The only down side was that.. I have break-out on my chin whenever I use this... I guess I really DO-NOT-NEED to apply this all over my face!

Spring Beauty Tip #5
Prevention is better than cure. Always complete your daily skincare routine with a generous coin-size amount of the lightweight oil-free Daily Defense UV Protector SPF 50 to stay protected form the harmful UVA/UVB rays which cause premature aging of the skin. Make sure you apply on your ears and neck as well for even skin tone.

Larry particularly likes the Daily Defense UV Protector because it creates a natural glow to the skin and works perfect as a makeup primer.

At the workshop, Larry also do a makeup demo on Spring look - it's very neutral with a pop of color~

Creme Simon is available at Raffle City Robinson

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