COLOURPOP X Kathleenlights - Where the light is and Where the night is + swatches

I have been so curious about COLOURPOP for a while now and never really gone all the way to order it because they don't do international shipping and it's quite troublesome for my lazy self to find a way to order it... anyway, since 65daigou is almost everywhere.. I look it up and dalah~ I got my colourpop!

What really kick start this order was the Kathleenlights collection - her latest collection with COLOURPOP was the "Where the night is" and look at the shades!!

Purchase USD$40 for local(US) shipping - so I got the "Where the light is" set by Kathleenlights. 

So pretty~ 
<3 <3 hahaha

COLOURPOP Where the light is by Kathleenlights
Price : USD$20

Ingredients list

Oops.. I forgot to take a pic before I touch the products :P
Cornelious is a really pretty transition (crease) shade




COLOURPOP Where the Night is by Kathleenlights
Price: S$20 

All the colors in this set are LOVE <3



The texture of these colourpop are quite fun... it feel wet and cooling to touch, but swatch like a super creamy powder eyeshadow. 

When using a brush to pick up the color - it look like you are picking up cream product.

Using finger give a more concentrate intense color - You can use this like you would with a cream shadow (with a brush or finger both work fine for me)

I can see myself ordering more Colourpop ... because these look so nice and doesn't crease on me! (So far, I only tried it once and already enjoying it!)

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