Christmas Goodies from Mederma

I know it's 2016 already and Christmas was so last year (lolx) ... I have been a bit busy with doing nothing but enjoying my time with my family, TV and books (Yes.. I spend most of my time reading or watching TV shows) BUT.. I do spent times to take pics of pretty stuff (just that I'm too lazy to edit/resize/upload them)

I love receiving gifts.. they are always so sweet, fun and interesting! The Xmas gift from Mederma was way too sweet!!!

Come in a huge box (the box itself already a fave.. cos I love big boxes (lolx)

Look at the "mason jar" inspire mug (so loving it.. I have a thing with cup, glasses, mug!!!) and ingredients to make hot cocoa #yum

Mederma Stretch marks Therapy cream
I've tried this and you can read about my review (here)

Mederma protective gel
It's a protective scar gel that helps to visibly reduce scarring. It's triple restore action softens, smoothens and replenishes the skin effectively improving the appearance of old and new scars.

This is quite interesting.. I wonder whether this will minimize the scars of eczema... I should give this a try~

I already finished up everything showing here (I means chocolate chips, marshmallows and cocoa powder) and I'm craving some some hot cocoa now~)

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