3CE Vintage Khaki, Saturn single eyeshadow and Ready Reddy Blush + Swatches

Lately (I means few months ago), I have been thinking about trying more 3CE (3 concept eyes) makeup.... so I did some hauling when there's a promotion on Beautiful.me and now I got more of their stuff from Ming (@miwitch)

Did you notice there's a bit different on the packaging??
Ming told me she got the 3CE Vintage Khaki eyeshadow from luxola, 3CE Saturn eyeshadow and 3CE Ready Reddy Blush from Korea Official 3CE online store. (New packaging maybe??)

The formula also feels a little different also... the newest formula feels more buttery and smooth~ 

3CE Ready Reddy blush

Vintage Khaki eyeshadow
This has the same packaging as those I order from Beautiful.me
Rounder casing

3CE Satrun eyeshadow
This is the newest packaging

Saturn is way creamier and intense as compare to Vintage Khaki.. but BOTH are really pretty...
When I saw Saturn for the first time (when opening the present ming got me)... I was like.... "OOOh... I'm so in love with this type of color lately~ (Ming knows me well! lolx)

Here are some of the present I got from +miwitch J 

She also got me a blending sponge!! Super cute and nope..  I haven't use this yet!!
I should go wash it NOW and try it tomorrow!!!

She got me an oven mitt... 
which I have been wanting to get for like forever and always forgot about it when I went shopping!!!
It's had woof print all over it and I love it!!

She also got me 2 different sizes of "Book"cases and a Tardis Perler Beads keychain

Sniff sniff sniff... my KPO peapea!

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