Kim Robinson Go Get Gorgeous

Recently, Kim Robinson launched his new book Go Get Gorgeous, it's an essential hair style guide for modern women. Attended the launch at Kim Robinson at Ngee Ann City (My first time visiting the salon).

Go Get Gorgeous
With his incomparable eye and an astute sense of beauty, internationally renowned master of hair and style, Kim Robinson, celebrates the launch of his latest book, Go Get Gorgeous, the stateliest true-to-form art that embraces all his loves and talents.

The 173-page visually-stunning style guide is graced by the likes of Hong Kong supermodel - Kathy
Chow, Taiwan legendary actress – Brigitte Lin, international recording artist – Sandy Lam and Kim’s
protégé and kimrobinson SG artist II – Miki Gao. Personally penned by Kim and edited by the former
editorial director of ELLE Asia Pacific - Jane Hsiang, the style scripture marks all areas of hair and its must-knows, dos and donts and how-to-get-gorgeous tips on undone updos, long, short, bob,
colours, matching hair hue with skin tone, Kim’s tips on colour maintenance, his secret tools of the trade and the jaw-dropping hair makeovers! Kim’s loyal client, the world’s foremost personal finance expert – Suzie Orman, even gave her spot-on advice on looking great within one’s budget on page 160.

“Hairstyle has the power to completely change how you look! As your hair frames your face, having a great cut empowers you, boosts your confidence and announces who you are to the world! This essential guide features Asian women for Asian women gives you access to the pivotal knowledge of selecting the show-stopping style that’s yours to own.”, says Kim.

The Muse – Cover Girl, August Zhang
Change your look, change your life! Kim’s seemingly casual philosophy brilliantly sums up August
Zhang’s life-changing experience.

The tall and slim girl-next-door look did not earn August, a Nanjing native from the rurals of China, any good leads nor a stable income in Hong Kong where she was based. Discouraged with the harsh reality, August was on the verge of heading home and all took a different turn when she was sent to Kim’s salon.

“August has an elegant long neck, beautiful features and a set of full, plump lips…a dream come true
for any beauty or fashion brands! But why is she not picked up during casting? The answer is simple, it was her long, straight hair that “muted” her looks”, said Kim.

It didn’t take August long to realise that she was in the presence of the hair and style master. Within minutes, Kim transformed her look from a rural plain-Jane to a runway model with a single cut! Today, the Go Get Gorgeous cover girl is signed with Wilhelmina Models who also manages raising stars/models such as Ruby Rose and Cindy Bruna. Since relocating to New York City, August has walked for independent fashion brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Jarret, Novis and Oscar Carvallo. She was also picked to be one of the faces for Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Pop Up Your Lips’ campaign in 2015.

Kim Robinson
In an illustrious career spanning more than three decades, Kim has travelled from the catwalks of the
world’s fashion capitals to the pages of Vogue, earning a cavalcade of devoted A-list clients which have included Princess Diana, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Michelle Yeoh, Anita Mui, Sandy Lam, Zhang Ziyi, Gong Li, Rosamund Kwan Chi-lam, Carina Lau Kar-ling, Cherie Chong Chor-hung,  Vicki Zhao Wei, soprano Renée Fleming, Paris Hilton and most recently, Rita Ora.

Kim, an avid painter with numerous art showcases under his belt, has a flair for colour, particularly
working with Asian hair, and his signature techniques include the ‘dry cut’, using the natural flow of the hair to create styles that last. Believable beauty and an uncompromising attitude towards quality and excellence are central to Kim’s philosophy.

Kim is also the founder and brand owner of kimrobinson hair boutiques in Singapore and Hong Kong, and the new kr+ salons in Hong Kong.

Go Get Gorgeous by Kim Robinson
Price  : S$48 
(with complimentary of kimrobinson cleanse-and-finish hair beauty voucher worth S$58)
Available from 21st November onwards at kimrobinson salon and Kinokuniya Singapore


Kim Robinson and me

August and Me
So TALL!!!
Please excuse my super flat and oily hair (I need a haircut seriously!!!)

Kim Robinson and Us

Because of the launch, I got to tour around Kim Robinson Salon~
Front (entrance)

At the reception area... there are rows and rows of hair accessories, the new book, hair care products and tools!

It's a bit dark in the salon - the design was pretty chic

This is a private room - if you want some privacy... they can style, cut and wash your hair in this little private room!

Chemical room (where you do all chemical treatment - like perm, rebonding and hair dying)

This is a more open area (which I find it quite cozy and super loving the full length mirror)

There's a nail area~

We all get a complimentary cut and style after the event, so Ming (@miwitch) and I went back another week to have our hair chopped off! I don't have any style I want in mind... so I told the stylist... I just want more volume and hair that look less heavy.

Before :: look at my super flat hair~

After :: chopped off a lot... which surprisingly ok with.... and now.. I feel like I can go shorter 
(but must be able to tie up la)
He curled my hair and showing me that if I want more volume.. I can perm my hair 
(Hmmm.. I have been thinking about perming my hair for awhile now... maybe I will!)

The next time I go for a cut.... I will chop off all the "dye" part of my hair!!!

Go Get Gorgeous by Kim Robinson
Price  : S$48 
(with complimentary of kimrobinson cleanse-and-finish hair beauty voucher worth S$58)
Available from 21st November onwards at kimrobinson salon and Kinokuniya Singapore

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