Etude House Snowy Dessert and Enamel Ting Gel Nail

There's something about the "dessert theme makeup" that always makes me weak and loose control (I WANT THEM ALL!!!  They look so delicious and oh-so-cuteeeee  (I'm not a sweet tooth person, I do enjoy having cakes and ice-cream sometimes... but if you let me choose between dessert and savoury foods... I'll pick the latter #nodoubt) BUT I love the idea of dessert (hahaha... I'm weird).

Anyway.... Was invited down to Etude House @ VIVO City Outlet (weeks ago - have been a bit buzy and finally got time to sit down and look thru the pics from this event) for the Christmas theme nail art thingy (this was also their VIP event -  join their VIP and get invited to their event... it's fun and you get to play with their stuff and learn about their new releases.)  I love their Enamel Ting Gel Nail ... I have a LED light at home and I do own some of their Enamel Ting Gel Nail (S$9.90each and they have A LOT OF SHADES!!!!)  ...  I also checked out their Snowy Dessert Collection!

Pudding Tint
Price : S$13.90
The packaging of this pudding tint is super cute 
(and they look good as ornaments, don't you think so?)

I didn't do any swatches of this at the store.. 
since I got all 5 shades with me, I will do a lip swatch post soon!!!

Ginger Cookie Blusher and Contour maker
Price : S$23.90 (each)

So CUTE.. .the box is an oven!!!!!

Swatches of Ginger Cookie Contour and Blusher (Left to right)

5 Festive shade of the Play 101 Pencil
Price : S$12

Scented Tablet
Price : S$15.90 (each)

This is really interesting... when I first saw this, I thought they were soap!!!!
But these are scented tablet  (you can hang this in your cupboard or room for the yummy scent!)

Hand Cream!!!
Price : S$9.90 each

Etude house gift sets

So here's the fun part!!
We got to play with the Enamel Ting Gel Nail!!!

But before there... they do a makeup demo using the Snowy Dessert Collection
No pics of that... cos I sit quite far away.. demo are best to see LIVE
(Etude house have VIP event all the time.. and if you are a fan of etude house why not just get their VIP card right? Check out their FB page for more details - link at the bottom)

These are the colors that will be used in the Christmas nail art they are going to show us~

The pink box is the Etude House LED light (to cure the Enamel Ting Gel Nail)
S$99 each

We going to paint this on our nails

This is the model's hands (NOT mine... I'm not that "slim"... lolx)

Here's my chubby fingers (I only do one cupcake~ hahaha) and I'm lost in the pretty rose gold glitter Enamel Ting Gel Nail (I painted almost all my nails with that glitters!!!!!!)

A huge collection of Enamel Ting Gel Nail
Now looking at the collection, I'm thinking about getting the green and orange~

The Whole collection is available at Etude House

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