Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint + Swatches

The Etude house Sweet Cherry Tint - a range of pretty hydrating and glossy lip tint (these feels more like colored lip balm) and these feels pretty good on my lips.

5 shades in this range

#01 RD301 - Red
#02 PK001 - Coral
#03 OR201 - Orange
#04 PK002 - Pink
#05 PP501  - Fuschia

Here's the color of my bare lips
I have pretty pale lips and when I get to warm up... my lips will look more pinkish~

Shade 01

Shade 5

Shade 2

Shade 4

Shade 3

This shade appear more coral then orange on my lips... 
though, it does has a tiny hint of "orange" in it.

The Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint, feels really moisturizing.... glide on smoothly on the lips (does feel oily though.. but not "oil" type of oily la ... more like lipbalm type of oily without the waxy consistency)

Does leave a light stain on the lips after wearing for awhile... say 30mins (if you wipe away right after applying, there won't be any stain on the lip.. except the red color one).

All the shades have a hint of "pink" undertone... the red wasn't red red... more like a pink red (you get what I means??).

I like all the shade (YES... including RED #01)... but if you ask me to pick one.. I say Shade #02 ^_^

The Sweet cherry tint tude can only twist up and cannot be retracted back (so becareful and don't twist up too much~)

Available at Etude house

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