Monday, September 07, 2015

Swatches of Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lip

Lately, I have been loving something darker then nude pink or coral on my lips and these colors from Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lip I got from the launch party are satisfying my "addiction" .... Pinkvely and Red Liar are soooo pretty lor.

The box of the Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lip are quite chic~

These Tension lips are a little bit on the dry side - not as dry as matte lip color but doesn't feel as "oily" moisturizing as creamy lips colors (like those lips balm/lip jumbo balm type of texture).

I'm just so used to moisturizing or those balm type of texture lip sticks and I find these a bit dry during application - but not as dry as lip stain (not those watery lip stain).

 The 4 colors I've got are Honey Blossom, Pinkvely, Peachnista and Red Liar

Lip swatch of Honey Blossom

Lip swatch of  Pinkvely

Lip swatch of  Peachnista

Lip swatch of Red Liar

Ingredients list of Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lip

CLIO is available exclusively at selected Watsons

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